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By lakatkat - 19/08/2009 04:13 - United States

Today, I found out on Facebook that my supposed best friend bought a concert ticket to a show. The concert ticket cost the exact same amount as the plane ticket she told me she couldn't afford to come see me. FML
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Maybe she didn't had money because she already bought this concert ticket...


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Typical bestfriend bitchiness. Don't feel bad about it. Just don't bother inviting her and keep in your our own business for a while. Make her notice you, instead of you running after her. I'm so sorry. She needs some major attitude from you.

YDI it'd cost twice as much to visit you than to go to the concert, one ticket there, one back or what if she was just busy during one of the days she was supposed to visit you, and decided rather than waste the money to go to the concert

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I definately disagree #1. It's HER money and she can do whatever she wants with it. Odds are, she just said she couldn't go see OP because she didn't want to hurt her feelings, but really didn't want to spend that kind of money to do so. If she wants to turn around and spend the same amount to go to a concert, that's her choice. She doesn't owe OP any explanation or apologies for how she spends her money. Just like OP doesn't owe her an explanation for why SHE can't visit.

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Agree with #70. They're best friends, not dating. The friend has no obligation to fly out and see the OP whatsoever. They do have their own lives, after all. YDI for being needy and complaining about someone enjoying their own lives.

Wow, all you people are frakking HARSH. And selfish.

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Hey, the best friend has her own life to live, you know. Now if the two were dating, then I'd consider this a FYL. But the best friend has no obligation to visit at all.

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exactly. its a two way ticket. and shes got her own life. im sorry that she isnt coming, but stop taking it so personally. you're not married to her

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harsh much #1? first of all, OP, did you even CONSIDER that maybe she bought the concert ticket before you asked her to come see you? and honestly, a concert is kind of a once in a life time thing...or at least, it's rare. she can come see you when she can afford it again. and honestly, you seem kind of whiny for just expecting her to spend her money to come see you all the time. did you think that maybe you could have bought a ticket to come see her instead? i mean, it's not like she told you she was busy. she told you she couldn't afford it.

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id rather go to a concert than visit any of my friends half my friends are douche bags anyways though but still music is awesome and she prolly has other friends ya know

Today, I got on FML and saw that my "best friend" got her ass in a knot because I didn't spend my concert money to go see her. This band won't be here forever. I doubt she's gonna die. FML

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no 59 ever heard of a round-trip ticket?

You need twice the amount. How will she get home?

My thoughts exactly, maybe she should be spending less time checking up on her friend, and more checking her own finances.

Maybe she didn't had money because she already bought this concert ticket...

The voice of reason. Don't take it personally.

It could be that your friend wasn't allowed to go.. Why dont you go out and see your friend instead of bitch and moan on a ******* website

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That is exactly what I was going to say! Plus, why should she visit you? YOU can go visit her!

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z0MG!! Is she going to see Hannah Montana!? HANNAH is the best, like OMGZ!!! I would rather see Hanners than you!!11one!! /sarcasm ............................................... Anyways, she could see you another time, but maybe this is her only chance to see the artist performing.....it isn't always about you, ya know!

The point is that she lied about not being able to afford it...

I agree with #2. Also, if it was me, I'd do the same thing. I blew off my prom to go see my favourite band in concert. But still, FYL.

Er, maybe she couldn't afford to come see you because she already spent the money on the concert ticket?

I hate it when people bitch like this. Your friend isn't obliged to choose spending time with you over everything else they may want to do. I don't expect my friends to justify themselves if they want to do something without me. Seriously, get a grip. Oh, and at the risk of being called sexist, I've noticed this is almost always a girl thing.

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number 7 is dead right but we all know girls have complicated love hate relationships with people. Thats just truth. For us males, come on, a friend is a friend, not someone to constantly be insecure over.

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zomg you sexist =P I definitely agree with you though. The only reason the OP could be justified in bitching is if the two had made close-to-definite plans on the friend flying out and then at the last minute the friend backing out; but that doesn't seem to be the case. Or if they see each other once a year, but then, the OP could fly out to the friend instead, if she has the finances to do so

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Maybe now wasn't a good time for her to be visiting, and traveling would actually cost TWICE as much, maybe more, what with the plane ticket BACK since I doubt she'll stay with you forever, and any other travel ideas she might have to buy to take with her. And if you're bestfriends, then stop worrying about how much you see her and being insecure by thinking she doesn't want to see you. I haven't seen my bestfriend in a year, and that last weeklong visit was the first time I had seen her in 3 years before that. But you're right SimpleSimon, friendship problems like this usually involve girls. Most of us tend to read into relationship things more than guys. I'd be really surprised to see an FML like this written by a guy, honestly. And if someone calls you a sexist about it, they need to lighten up. It hurts the "sexism" argument when people overuse it.

She might have bought the concert ticket way ahead of time. But hey, maybe you could take that step and visit HER instead of EXPECTING her to visit you. Unless you have that sort of thing wheere you visit her, she visits you, you visit her, etc. Then that really sucks.

uhm maybe a close friend gave her the tickets, she could of won them too asking never hurts as well

I would like to recommend this website to you: http://mylifeisaverage.com/ Post this story again there. Seriously, it's not such a huge deal. Maybe you could go see your friend, rather than the other way around.