By sportyhusband - 20/1/2010 03:46 - United States
  Today, I heard the sounds of women grunting in the living room. My husband knows I don't like him to watch porn, so I confronted him. He was masturbating to professional Women's tennis. FML
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By  tyrob911  |  0

why do women complain when men masturbate? that's what men do when you-all don't step up to the mic. or would you rather he cheats on you with another lady?
The idea of not rocking the mic right

  asherah14  |  7

My husband is fucking hot and is wonderful in bed but I still masturbate. My masturbation has nothing to do with my husband's skills or looks. It's my time with myself.

By  tyrob911  |  0

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  auro7  |  18

196, she obviously didn't want to have sex with him, and she didn't like him to watch porn. She either has sex with him, or doesn't mind when he watches porn to get off. Or else he's gonna probably cheat

By  rc3187  |  0

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By  bombtastic  |  10

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  AstroTurf  |  0

What's with this cycle thing LMAO. Why is everyone at HER LOL I guess she feel guilty, letting her man know she do not like to know who he gets off to. Now she feels guilty that she drove him to jerk off watching Tennis. She should not do that, your own private sex life, is private.

HE would probably not feel guilty, if he caught her rubbing her genitals, watching the neighbour trimming the hedges.. he would think her sexuality is HIS!!

Why is masturbation opposed to have sex with your partner...I masturbate as much or more when I have a partner. I like to masturbate AFTER I have had sex, just that I do not share that with my partner, cause it makes him feel not adequate... I do not want to hear or know that he watch porn, cause it makes me feel in inadequate.