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Today, I lost my job because I was doing my work too quickly, getting too much done and the supervisor was afraid I was bored. I have only been here for 3 weeks and already had the best stats on the team. FML
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Are you suggesting the OP should have worked at pace painfully slower than their normal pace? There are some offices that don't have a lot of work to do, or not a lot of difficult work to do. The people who typically work at those offices (instead of moving on to better things) are used to slacking off. Why wouldn't they if they were going to finish their work halfway through the day anyways? So when someone new comes in, especially someone who has a good work ethic, they are going to outdo the employees already working there. If that makes someone a "bitchass" than so be it, but nothing would get down without "bitchasses" like that.

Maybe this isn't the OP's situation, but it does happen.

  obnum  |  19

4 - If people just got their shit done like OP no one would have to lose their jobs. Why would you try to justify slacking off at something you're being paid to do quickly and efficiently?

OP - I'm sorry that sucks you can get a better job where they actually like hard workers. ;)


It would have been within the trial period nearly all jobs have, anyway (most are no shorter than 1 month), so they can fire the OP for any reason, without having to explain it.

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No, it's actually legal. Ridiculous, isn't it? :(

If OP could go to court and prove that there was gender or race discrimination etc., there would be a case, but otherwise, nope.

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it's legal. we're an "at-will" state which means an employer can fire us for pretty much anything as long as it's not discriminatory (race, disability, gender, etc) but it's a pain in the butt to file suit in discrimination cases so most people don't bother with it.

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lionhead bunny! And yes, Texas, home sweet home that she is, there's nothing you can do about it. OP will just have to find a better employer who likes people who are good at their jobs.

  stevenJB  |  25

Too well*

By  tyrob911  |  0

#5 how would the OP file a lawsuit? haven't you ever heard of probation period at jobs? she's been there for less than 90 days and can therefore be fired without cause. I'm sure it's in the job policy that he/she signed.