By NYCguy - 20/01/2010 03:59 - United States

Today, my female room-mate decided to throw away my xbox, along with a few other possessions because they reminded her of her ex. Furiously, I asked her if "it was that time of the month again." Now I can't feel my balls, and miss my games. FML
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What a bitch and take her to court

throw her shit out for being a bitchy roommate and make her buy u a new xbox


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first. that totally sucks. i love my videogames... and my balls!

YDI for being such a pussy, a real man would smack the bitch up

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Somebody's on the rag. :)

What the hell? 'Sexist comment'?? She through away potentially hundred of dollars worth of his stuff then she ASSULTED HIM. I'm female, and if I did that and someone asked me if I was on the rag, i'd just be greatful I wasn't killed. She deserves a huge smack in the face. Why not? She hit him first. To be on the safe side just call the police on her for damage of property and assult. FYL op.

Referring to the "time of the month" may be sexist, but that girl really seems to have issues...

I dont even see how its sexist as it does cause mood swings, which could explain her idiotic actions, and thus is a legitimate question, either way her wrongs are far superior FYL.

That was pretty cool of you, OP, giving her the benefit of the doubt like that. Most guys would have just assumed there was no real reason for her irrationality.

So this is sexist just because it mentions a guy complaining about a girl? Okay, where are all the "this is sexist" comments on FML's where the girl is complaining about a guy? Or is it only sexist when the girl is the cause of the FML? Also, OP should throw out her sheets and makeup and say that they reminded him of his ex.

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Amen. Couldn't have said it better myself. She has no right to touch you stuff for any reason, especially not for a bullshitty reason like "it reminds me of my ex." On top of that, we're not in middle school anymore, and girls don't get to kick guys in the balls for a comment and not expect them to retaliate. Were it me in the OP's situation, I'd punch her right in the tits, then make her pay for my Xbox. Women seem to want equality, but only when it benefits them... if a woman hits me, they should expect to get hit back. Fair's fair.

Fuckin right Anti09. As a woman myself, if for whatever reason I hit a guy first, I expect him to hit me back. This is a mutual understanding I have with ALL of my guy friends. Seriously, OP, bitch needs a serious cunt punt.

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So getting mad at a woman for throwing away your stuff and saying something that was well deserved in the situation justifies assault? I just love how some women want equality as long as it suits them. Do you think a man would be allowed to punch a woman for commenting on his receding hairline?

It's not sexist when it's a fact. Suck to be her. Nobody will ever want _that_

Was it wrong to say that? Yes. Is it understandable to say something hurtful to somebody after they destroy your property? Yes. She's a bitch, you should have hit her after she kicked you. It wouldn't be wrong, women are equal to men and therefore can be hit in defense or retaliation, just like a man. Fucking sexist (against men) people, get some reason before trying to argue with a logical person.

lol cunt punt

That's exactly how I've always felt ever since I was a little girl. Plus, I've been playing video games since I was 2. I would have had to murder the bitch if she touched any of my consoles. She should be lucky he didn't sue her, or even worse, take matters into his own hands. I love you. Really, I do.

no. it is ALWAYS wrong to hit back in retaliation. man or woman, it's wrong. self defense is okay, but it doesn't sound like she attacked him after that. he should kick her out and take her to court. plus, if he hits her back and it wasn't self defense, she could charge him for assault. sometimes that's bad, like in this case if he did, they would listen to her, not him. but sometimes it is also good for a lot of women, because they can get safe. but in this case, that would suck, but he shouldn't have hit her. i'm sorry, op. kick her out, sue her for your stuff back, and feel better. :)

I agree with #76. A snarky comment doesn't even come close to compensating for a tossed Xbox and it damn sure doesn't justify a swift kick. But OP, could you feel your balls before she kicked them? Why in the world would she think it was okay to touch any of your stuff? File charges on her then kick her out.

yeah i'm totally PMSing right now and even i don't agree with any of her actions. damaging someone else's property is never ok and kicking him...well depending on how bad the cramps are i might like punch a guy on the arm but he'd have to do something seriously messed up to deserve a kick to the groin, PMS or no

WTF!!??!?! She got pissed because you asked her if "it was that time of the month." And then she replies with a fucking kick to the nuts. AS IF YOU WEREN'T PISSED ABOUT THE XBOX. STRANGLE THE BITCH

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@anti09 Let us know how that philosophy of yours works out when you're sitting in jail for assault.

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@ Clever_Nick_Here Wow. I'm going try to break this to you can't hit a man in retaliation either. Hitting her after she had stopped assaulting him would have just landed him in as much trouble as her if not even more. The intelligent thing to do would be to call the police and let them handle it. Course, acting like a 5 year old and getting in trouble with the law is also a good option. If you're a dumbass.

I'm not really one for hitting girls, but for this one I'd make an exception. Either that or you've really lost any masculinity you may have had in the first place.

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who cares? they provide shits and giggles for us!

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and you aren't getting any. ZING!

Well first of all...what the hell is a cunt punt? Second surprised you let it end not saying i would have punched her...but im not saying i would'INT have...i mean im not a nerd but losing all your hours and the shit you had to get in your games because "it reminds her of her ex" you should have cut off her hair while shes sleeping and when she wakes up be all calm and say "the color reminded me of my ex"...O.W.N.E.D

@randomguy. think of it this way. "C**t" is a crude term for vagina. A punt is another way of saying "toe kick"...from there on it's pretty simple.

although he kind of deserved it for playing video games on a console and not th superior pc RIP crazylegs D:

Smack that bitch right now! an xbox does not deserve to be treated that way!

she threw out a $200 piece of equipment, not counting games.

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ur a dumb bitch, she commited vandalism and assault, and u critique him? Fem(enist)oron.

why do you have a female roomate?

44 you seem really bitchy.... kind of like how you would be once monthly

fuck off 44 she threw away his xbox ... shes a bitch for doing that she deserves to be slapped across the titties...

44 r u high? that c u n t should be looking at 5 years & buying him a xbox

It is NOT always wrong. If a girl kicks a guy in the nuts unrightfully, then all is fair game. Personally I'd rather use hurtful words but I cud understand if he hit her back. It would be different if she had just slapped him or something but kick in the balls gets the rumble started. Realistically, wether guy or girl, naturally if u hit someone, expect to get hit back.

Uhh cos she threw out all of his stuff?

Wow you're a b*tch. He was being honest and not trying to make her angry.

A jury would be more sympathetic because he didn't hit her back

Damn you're a feminist. She threw away hundreds of dollars and he responded furiously.

What a bitch and take her to court

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damn bitches. keep dragging us men down, yet we cant resist em. hahaha gotta love it.

she has no right to do do that that bitch is crazy

It could have only cost 50 bucks cuz the FML doesnt say whether it's a 360. I don't justify the girl's actions cuz she's a bitch but almost every guy has got a 360, but not all guys have an original, which could have reminded her of her ex. or she could have been a stupid overeactive brat who doesn't understand the concept of personal property.

How could someone down vote this comment, it has logic and makes sense

throw her shit out for being a bitchy roommate and make her buy u a new xbox

I agree. Let's see how she likes her stuff thrown away!!

cut her clothes up.

"I cut them because they reminded me I live with you"

You deserve it entirely if you let her pull this shit.

Man, you're whipped by a girl you're not fucking. That is LOW.

Shit.. So true, you deserve this if you let it happen without doing anything

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Nuts case much?

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That's BS. She destroyed some of his property (as he missed it I'm assuming he can't retrieve them) so he ahd every right to be pissed off. However you turn it she's a bitch, out of line and should be slapped for thinking she can geta way with such crap.

Are you on your period? Seriously? I'm female, and if you tossed my X-box, you'd be lucky if I just asked if you were PMSing instead of punching you in the face. :)

If you had balls you would realize that ANY comment does not warrant a cruel and excruciating pain such as being hit in the balls!

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If I did something as ridiculous as that, I wouldn't get mad if the guy asked me if I'm pms-ing. of course she was pms-ing! If she wasn't, I'm deeply concerned for her mental health.

No, fuck you whore. Women like you and the OP's cunt are what give what sane, reasonable women that are out there such hassle. Asking a question that is in fact, scientifically, historically, physically, psychologically accurate is not grounds for physical assault which could render him infertile. You're just as bad as her if you think any of her actions were justified. Oh, and he only asked because like a crazy stupid whore like yourself, thinks she is allowed to do stupid stuff over ridiculous reasons and expect no repercussions. Fuck you.

janise 2

I'm just going to assume caticaticati meant it wasn't a wise move on the OP's part to ask an obviously emotionally unbalanced woman a question that the OP knows would anger most women who are asked that. Although if cati meant he deserved all that for asking if she was pmsing then she has issues.

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what does op mean?

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I agree I think he deserved the kick. Still she shouldn't have thrown the stuff out...

He can actually take her to small claims court for the stuff she damaged or threw away, and because she hit him in the groin, he can get her charged for assault and battery. His remark may have been out of line, but that doesn't justify assault and battery, plus, he had every right to be pissed off after what she did.

sue her! and then she needs no go to psycho clinic

tuffen the f upp