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By Love stinks - 19/08/2013 13:06 - United States

Today, my band informed me that our gig this afternoon was actually a wedding. Whose wedding? My ex-wife's, along with the guy she cheated on me with. For their first dance, I had to sing what used to be our song. FML
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You should have ended it with "**** you, and goodnight".

After the song, you should tell everybody what she did


You should have ended it with "**** you, and goodnight".

I was thinking more of... "**** this shit" *drops the mic*

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Geez this was the coldest FML I read in a while. Hope her dance was near the corner of death lol

If I was him I'd be hoping they had a .45 slug on the menu.

#2- End it like that AFTER singing the songs just like Dan's Band... "turn around bright eyes, every ******* now and then I fall apart, I ****** need you now more than ever, shit!"

Or it was some dipshit who lives nowhere near the OP, trying to be funny by writing a reverse FML. Besides, where's the ex-wife's FML in this situation?

"And I'll end this shit with a **** you and have a nice day" - 8 mile

I was thinking of replacing every single word in the song with "**** you"...but... I mean... your idea is good too...

After the song, you should tell everybody what she did

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Too bad OP didn't know who's wedding it was until after the fact.

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Well at least she still likes your band enough to throw a gig your way.

She probably booked his band out of spite. Judging by her actions she obviously isn't of good character.

I agree with 9.... Who would want to marry someone like that???

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Why would she spite someone she ****** over with in the first place? Truly messed up of that woman

That really sucks. I'm sorry for you, OP.

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You should sing **** you by cee lo green

Sorry OP. Just try and get through it with as much dignity as possible.

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"This next song is dedicated to my ex-wife, the *****."

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