By Anonymous - 9/11/2020 23:01

Rock n Roll is a dirty business

Today, I was in a band with some friends and we got our first gig at a local festival, but I'd already agreed to work serving drinks at the festival. My bandmates got really annoyed and kicked me out of the band. They then went ahead and performed the song that I WROTE, without me, at the festival where i was working. FML
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By  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

Look, serving drinks would just make the whole band seem uncool and would jeaopardise their future. Do you understand nothing about rock n roll? As for performing your song, wtf did you expect?

By  mickymoose1  |  15

If you're serious about your music you need to be putting your music first if you want to be a successful musician. Your band mates seem like they know this as they don't want someone who wont prioritize the band the same way they do as a member. Take this as a learning opportunity if you make amends with the band or join/form a new one.

By  juggalo2  |  15

Which is the bigger problem? The festival having to replace a server, or your band having to replace a musician? Who do you think guests will remember? The servers or the performers?