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YDI for being stupid enough to drop out of college for such a dead end dream

Well that was a dumb move. Did you really think your friends would buy enough music to cover your income for the rest of your life?


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You should promote your music. Maybe by revisiting this post of yours and linking us to one of your songs would be a good start.

I was gonna say the same, I know dozens of people who are in bands but their education comes first and they practise and record music alongside college. Why couldn't you do that?

Yeah, I mean Jesus, dropping out for music? That's not even something you NEED to do full time in order to succeed.

Why was #1 buried? It's valid in every way.

um...sell merchandise? Play live? There's a reason the biggest bands on the Earth do shit like that. Do you really expect to make a living off of selling records alone?

I salute you, #1. OP is a dumbass.

YDI did anyone besides your firends actually tell you you were any good?

#1, you stole my words!!!!

no one said his music sucks...just his friends do. I feel your pain dude. FYL

Agreed with 1, 44, and 70. And honestly? It's common sense to think about back ups. Go ahead and do your dream, but minor in something on the side so you might at least have a nice job if shit hits the fan.

why, you go to college to get further education for what you think you want to end up doing.. he already picked it and saved himself some money. If it really doesn't work out, he can pick college back up at any time. It's ALWAYS there.

Gets more expensive, actually. Inflation as time passes, plus not being eligible for a few scholarships because you're not fresh out of high school, and of course any credits you previously earned disappear after a certain amount of time, so you'll waste plenty of time retaking classes....


it is not a dead end dream, i too am a musician, i did not drop out of school becuz imma go to a music school butttt im not going to scold u for doing so. what type of music do u do? i would love to hear it

Agreed with #1.

music is not a dead end dream. many make a steady income from playing

I guess you don't listen to any music at all do you #1? or are all those musicians different than anyone else who wants to be one?

No this is not a YDI cause OP is chasing his dream so screw off

Well that was a dumb move. Did you really think your friends would buy enough music to cover your income for the rest of your life?

I agree. I'm assuming you don't have millions of friends, let alone a thousand. You had no reason to drop out of college for such a low amount of people. YDI for what you did, but you should go after your friends for stealing it if you're that upset about it and think your life if fucked. You know which person bought it and put it up on the site, and you know which other ones stole it, go get em or stop bitching.

actually, that should be the other way round - "I'm assuming you don't have a thousand friends, let alone a million". It's like saying "I'm assuming you don't have even a thousand friends, so you're sure not going to have a million." Saying it the reverse doesn't even make sense.

Actually, it also makes sense to say "I'm assuming you don't have even a thousand friends, so you're sure not going to have a million," because it implies that if he doesn't have a few, how could he have enough to cover his expenses for the rest of his life.

oh man that sucks. i wish you all the best for your album.

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Welcome to the music industry. And if it was acual money you were after then it's stupid for you to think you could make enough to get by when you're an unknown artists with one album.

ill buy it :)

I kind of want to buy it now too. I feel bad for the OP.

If it was really that good, people would buy it, share site or not. Get a manager, play your ass off, and if you are good enough you'll sign with someone and have a nice shiny buss.

Agreed. I'm always downloading, but after so many downloads I have no problem buying an album if I like what I'm hearing, especially if the album has songs that aren't on torrent. YDI for not being prepared.

Whats the link? For the torrent I mean.

Wade Bowen is awesome, one of the best country artists in all of Texas

Risky dream. You tried to go all out, and pretty much lost everything in the process. My recommendation? Try local shows, like open-mic night at bars, and try to promote your album. That would have been a smart first step, but this is your only chance at success now since you went all out, so you might as well try that route. You can't just trust that your "friends" are going to promote your cd. You spent everything on those cds, so now you should go out and try to make it worth while.