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Today, my professor spent the entire class showing us how to make paper airplanes. I pay over 40 grand a year for college. FML
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I was just thinking, "maybe it's an aerodynamics class?" Even basic physics could have an opportunity to talk about air resistance.

Paper planes are the mean of transport of the future.

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physics & aerodynamics y'all!!!

correction: "If you're doing engineering it might help"

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yes. because the intricate folds of paper display the distribution of air pressure really clearly. its REALLY worth paying 40 grand a month for learning from paper.xD

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if that is what gets you a degree, you may be mistaking college for the 1st grade though

Don't question the paper, it used to give you life, now it's being used in how to teach you how to make a paper airplane. I wish I could remember how to make one.

It wouldn't help in engineering. Also one "If you are an engineer" not "if your engineer." This would help in a physics class however. So maybe he's majoring in aerodynamics.

*aerospace engineering. Not aerodynamics. Oopsie Dasies.

correction: If you're studying engineering, it might help.

35- you're a plumber. who wants to be a plumber? no one. Which is why there isn't college for plumbing, and its such an easy job to get. eh hemm

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I declare a genocide on grammar nazis

98, I declare genocide on ignorance people who can't or don't make the effort to learn the correct homonym.

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90, you're a moron. There actually is schooling for plumbing. How do you think you get certified?

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That was rhetorical by the way. Please don't respond.

102- I declare you shut your mouth. thanks :)

actually most good universities are over 40k especially when room and board are added. 10-15 years ago you would be right though.

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#100 Everyone makes mistakes. Take a chill pill and stop being a grammar nazi. This isn't an essay this is FML. -_-

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This is a website where people could express feelings and coments towards issues regarding a certain topic. In other words, its a website where we could hang out and stuff, i don't appriciate grammar and spelling nazis ruinging people's fun

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Agreed about the grammar Nazi thing. It gets really annoying. Do this irritation you, grammar Nazi?

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idk what you do.... but I bet you coulnt plumb a house to save ur life.... and you can make alot of money being a plumber idc how easy it is to get the job... without plumbers your life would be alot harder.... and do u think the guy who invited indoor plumbing was a retard that didn't have college.. ur an idiot

maybe not being a total hard ass would also help . Learn to have fun every once in awhile :)

90, just because you don't want to be a plumber doesn't mean other people do. Doesn't make you any less of a person or unintelligent. I know plenty of smart people who just don't want to do university and would rather do practical work. Someone has to do those jobs and you shouldn't be so judgmental.

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You can learn from making paper planes. At least you had a fun class.

115, you call that a mistake? That's not a 'mistake'. It's ignorance.

111, look at your dp. I thunk you're the one that should shut your mouth? :O

yes I see now I missed a word no need to be d bags.

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yep, I'm a plumber, and if you can tell me what about running 400 yards of copper lines thru an office building, out to countless water fixtures, and properly supplying said water fixtures is easy?


the only "fml" about this, is the fact your class didnt know how to make paper airplanes.

why the f**k do so many of you care about grammar on here? I bet you just come on here to correct people. GET A LIFE PLZ!

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A degree may get you the job, but you'll get fired if you dont get the proper knowledge from the degree.

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Wiz Khalifa would be pleased.

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#158 it's funny how you say it wasn't a mistake it was ignorance when you made a mistake twice. Like how you put ignorance instead of ignorant earlier and how you said "thunk" instead of think. You just made yourself look stupid. So I guess you are ignorant too right? Pathetic grammar Nazis. And you can blame your iPhone autocorrect all you want, but you should have double checked since you want to go around correcting people. Take a look at yourself before you start insulting people. -_-"

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158, haha the grammar nazi said "thunk"! Good one braniac.

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Am I the only person who's going to correct 33? (it's payment per year, not per month.) Also I side with BB_ava and the grammar Nazis.

158, a valient attent ad baying pedancik....

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156- get laid instead of spending all your time on here correcting people. ******* ignorant bitch.

Your grammar tells me YOU need to go to college. lol jk

yeah but then she(or he) would be wasteing their money

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why are you complaining? get an A in the class and improve your GPA pussy

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2, then drop 40 grand on your ass

108- shitty pick and better their $ then myn

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did u at least learn something? lol

my answer should be shut up and have some fun !!

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lol they dont care as long as they get paid

Now you can make $40,000 paper airplanes.

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lol good job thinking about the bright side

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good optimism on your part #5

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wrong fml. btw op, are you a master at paper airplanes now?

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lol I think you posted on the wring fml...

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okay i think we've all established that he posted on the wrong fml. moving along...

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ha that's awesome. I love cats so much I didn't even question the fact that it was totally out of context :)

omg so many people are posting wrong comments on FML's now a days, she probs did that on purpose

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Now why 162, would I try to post a comment on the wrong fml? Maybe you should get your facts straight....

uh I dunno maybe to try and be funny or to get a lot of replies? it worked so u accomplished your mission...

I'm not that desperate as some people are... Have you ever thought that maybe I just was in a hurry, read the fml, and clicked the wrong one?

if you were in a hurry you wouldn't have been on FML now would you? it's okay dude you can confess.

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251- get the stick out of your ass.

that is really really expensive. I might have to re think this whole college thing.

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you kinda need a college degree to work in the damn usa now..

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I'm a plumber and make over $800,000 a year without a high school diploma or GED.... so saying that need a diploma to get a good paying job is a bunch of BS.

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33 unless u work 24/7 with no sleep, wait still u can't make that much as a plumber unless ur charging ur customers waay to much

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actually it's not how much we charge it's who we charge.

hey that's an awesome business plan. I'm gonna quit school and become Bill Gates! Sorry, statistics show without a doubt that people who have college degrees earn more on average than people who graduated high school, who in turn earn more on average than people who dropped out of high school. Sure, you could quit school and try being an outlier, but chances are you're going to be a bum.

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not if you have a sure fire way of marketing a service, skill or item to people

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well i know that everything i want to do i need a degree to get somewhat close to having a chance at it. ive applied to alot of places and even though ill have high recommendations and all that stuff they wont take me. here in wisconsin you need a degree to work at mcdonalds now or say like a subway.

Very few colleges are $40k a year. if you wanna be a plumber then don't go to college. if you want to be an engineer, lawyer, doctor go to college.

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Those people are the exception to the rule. There are some people that are just natural sellers or just really innovative, and good for them. But not every dropout is gonna strike it rich just cause Bill Gates did.

you need a degree to take orders? lol

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It's all about scholarships

here, you can finish school at year 10 and go do a trade (such as plumbing). you don't need university to become successful at all and at the most, it only costs $8-9000 too

And that is why Australia has so many cashed up bogans :(

I disagree, have you seen how many collage grads are unemployed it's all about making something cool or shiny now -_-

my tuition is 55K a year but in the end I'll have a better job thus paying me back (eventually) or that's my logic. plus people like zuckerburg are rare anomalies (notice that not everyone who didn't go to college isn't rich). and as for a "sure-fire" plan as an earlier commenter mentioned; it doesn't exist. the us economy is still recovering and there is large risk associated with practically everything. people with "sure-fire" plans find themselves s.o.l

Not everyone who does a trade is a bogan. We need them just as much as we need doctors and such

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if this is the recovery state of the economy. why is it that every week I see more and more closed businesses?

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@203 needing them doesnt make them less of a bogan. its the type of people who end up doing the job shes referring to, not the affect of the job on the people. this is a generalisation of course, but id say 2/3 fit the stereotype. its unfortunate, but thats the way it is.

I know, just saying they aren't all bogans is all

And I didn't say they're all bogans.

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147- yes, unfortunately here we do at least 90% of the time.

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don't you know that paper airplanes will some how help you in the future? lol Jk fyl

Even if that was a joke, that was uncalled for.

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lol must be right I can't see the pic she/he mustved scared it away :p

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yeah, next I heard OP is going to learn about making newspaper hats for the last grade of the semester C:

I agree. Sounds like his class was granted a fun free day for once and OP is complaining as though he's completely wasting his money.

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But what's one free day of fun going to hurt? College is tough, they need breaks.

79- Sorry but as a college student, if you want a free day, skip class. If I'm paying for a class, I expect to be learning something. My Precalc class drove me nuts this last semester because the professor kept getting off topic for 30-45 minutes. The class was an hour and 50 minutes but that time, combined with how late -he- showed up, ads up. So, point being, I must respectfully disagree with you.

that'll come in handy if your career tanks and you become a stay at home dad.. or if you become a college lecturer!