By man-period? - 02/03/2016 06:48 - United States - Portland

Today, I woke up to large spot of blood in my underwear. This wouldn't be too big a deal if I didn't have a penis. FML
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Umm I would get that checked if I were you

Doesn't this happen when you have kidney failure? Or over masturbating? I know these are probably not the case, but is this nothing to worry about, or something urgent?

It can also happen if you have really crappy toilet paper, it rubs your booty raw and can make it bleed if it's used too frequently.

Blood coming out of an orifice it doesn't usually come out of is something to worry about.

possible hemorrhoids... time to see the doctor op. hope all is well

Could also be a urine tract infection. Either way op, get that checked immediately!

I had hemorrhoids a couple years ago. It was really weird because I ate healthy, and exercised plenty. After wondering why I was bleeding down there I saw someone's comment on a website... "Sitting too long on the toilet can cause hemorrhoids." I realized that was it because I sat way too long and browsed my phone. Since I've cut down on the phone usage in the bathroom my hemorrhoids have gone away.

After a vasectomy, you do not need to worry about blood down there for the first few days. Maybe OP is just ignorant. You don't always have to worry about blood down there. I know OP would know its because of a vasectomy, if he had one, but I don't know if there other OK reasons...

could also be chaffing from being too rough. just saying, not enough details, we all are left to speculate.

THANK YOU! I literally just had the same problem and i do the same thing, was going to go to the doctor tomorrow! Thanks!

Well I guess now you are going to have a ******

I guess boys really DO become girls when they turn 13...

Your profile picture makes this comment soooo creepy.

What happens when you have a wet dream about Freddy Krueger.

believe it or not, Cannibal Corpse wrote a song about op. it's called I Cum Blood

#19 Cannibal Corpse has some awesome song names. I Cum Blood, ****** With a Knife, Entrails Ripped from a Virgin's ****, Priests of Sodom, Encased in Concrete.... Anyway related to the FML, may want to have it looked at. Can't be good.

Wet dream prank gone wrong in the hood

Don't forget about eviceration plague

maybe you passed out due to surprise butt sex

Wouldn't explain the blood and I'm pretty sure OP was just sleeping

That doesn't sound good at all OP, good luck, go to your doctor, and I hope that there isn't pain.

Leave it to the professionals. Call your doctor and stay healthy man.

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I hope you have a fantastic Doctor

Knock knock. Whose there?. It's Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea who? No seriously bro, it's just gonorrhea.