By dawg3360 - 07/06/2009 06:02 - Canada

Today, I noticed I have to lift up my fat to see my penis. FML
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liketoknow 0

eeee www..... Small dick

That is just sad


must be a small penis… O_o

Allie26 0

what p.n.s?

hellokittywhore 0

or a very fat belly. either wayy ewww. but some people are chubby chasers, so hopefully just fatt. :D

just because anyone that fat or who has that small of a dick probably has self esteem issues, it doesnt seem likely they would post it on fml, im gonna call f.a.k.e.

OliviaaBabiie 0

why don't you hook up with him since you're a whore and everything, or do you have an obsession with hello kitty at the age if 18 or over? I cant choose which is worse.

OliviaaBabiie 0

- clearly for HelloKittyWhore

Today, i realized i had to lift up my penis too see my fat. FML

lebronesque73091 12

Lose some weight or quit complaining.

Find your penis! Find your penis! Oh hey I found my penis.

liketoknow 0

eeee www..... Small dick

I'm trying to decide if it's small penis or big fat. or both.

If you really MUST see your penis, buy a telescope! I'm scared your fat might smoosh the girl' s head that goes down on you. :P heehee

ha no ones goin down on him

I love this. Hahaha.

That sucks. Time for some sit ups and healthy food? Good luck!

HAHAHAHA I can't stop laughing, sorry bro.

#2 lmaoo. FAMILY GUY ftw.

sucky suck 5 dolla!!