By anonymous - Canada
Today, I was naked, still deciding what to wear, when the doorbell rang. I grabbed the closest thing to cover up with: my Snuggie. I answered the door, it was kids asking for donations. Without thinking, I turned around to grab my purse. FML
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  kings1fan  |  6

You should have boughten one of those new looking snuggies called the lazy something. Not sure if you seen any of the commercials for them. Hahah they look so dumb!

  kings1fan  |  6

38 exactly! Haha who would want to where one of those! In the commercial they show a bunch of guys outside a football game wearing them. Hahah really!

  NuTrees  |  9

Am i the only one who didn't know snuggies were open in the back.. I thought yoou slipped it on like a dress... I almost won a snuggie once. Wouldn't buy one though.

By  mikeduse  |  0

not too smart, should've put on some real clothes....