By anonymous - 16/11/2011 03:17 - Canada

Today, I was naked, still deciding what to wear, when the doorbell rang. I grabbed the closest thing to cover up with: my Snuggie. I answered the door, it was kids asking for donations. Without thinking, I turned around to grab my purse. FML
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PSQ91 6

They got what they wanted, no need for further gifts.

Looks like there's a full moon out tonight.


PSQ91 6

They got what they wanted, no need for further gifts.

Who says charity work never pays off?

Op could've been a fat man. There's men with snuggies on the commercial, and it could've been a man purse.

rexgar2000 10

wait I dnt get it, I thought a snoggie was like a blanket with sleeves right? so whats the problem?

RaquelJones91 4

Yeah, tell them you already gave at the orifice.

Although you're right, the chances of it being a female over a male is about 85%

tandem123 6

118- I'm a guy, I own a snuggie, and I am proud.

Haha is the first FML that is actually funny that I've seen in a while. But seriously they already got their payment.

ImFrackinBored 13

Looks like there's a full moon out tonight.

kings1fan 6

You should have boughten one of those new looking snuggies called the lazy something. Not sure if you seen any of the commercials for them. Hahah they look so dumb!

The lazy something, eh? You sound informed.

kings1fan 6

Ok I looked it up for 23 it's called the Forever Lazy, they look like a copy of the snuggies haha they are one of those as sen in tv products

I know what you're talking about! It even has an opening for thee behind! So wrong....haha.

kings1fan 6

38 exactly! Haha who would want to where one of those! In the commercial they show a bunch of guys outside a football game wearing them. Hahah really!

snuggies are made so you can shit and be warm at the same time

Mr snuggie was ******* smart! Me and peter griffin wear it all the time

rubberduckie72 4

thats what the old fashion long underwear is for just open the flap in the back. my wjole fam is jealous of mine since we have mo heat in tje bathroom

mfazi456 7

Basically a pair of footy pajamas without the feet.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

This whole thread is full of fail.

This is why I always make sure to wear my snuggie backwards...

but how do you keep your footsies warm :)

tehrealone 6

Op said she was reaching for her purse. It's onviously a guy.

Yea and usually guys take like an hour to decide what to wear right?

evilteddybear 0

Am i the only one who didn't know snuggies were open in the back.. I thought yoou slipped it on like a dress... I almost won a snuggie once. Wouldn't buy one though.

DreBeezy 9

-3 ...Or OP has probably just sent the kids into a hectic car crash known as puberty.

Looks like they got more of a donation then they came there for.

not too smart, should've put on some real clothes....

no one ever said wearing a snuggie would be easy.

the commercials for snuggies mention how easy they are to wear....

nattynatters 14

I hate snuggies. They are a lot more awkward than the ads show. And they catch fire waaay to easy.

There is no reason your snuggie should be set on fire... I have no idea what you do that requires you to have fire around it.

How am I supposed to sacrifice virgins to Satan while wearing a snuggie without fire?

if your hot, the kids got a treat from you, but if your ugly then you scar them for life!

That's hilarious :L actually made me laugh out loud

It's always a good idea to answer the door half naked.

HerpaderpMeg 12