By Cali girl - 03/04/2014 16:36 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I woke up again to a warm trickling sensation on my neck. It would seem my rabbit has a thing for doing his business on me to wake me up. FML
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toowie_fml 20

Does your rabbit always roam free in your room?

ayyy_bro 26

Shouldn't your rabbit be in a cage at night or something...


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cuz a damn rabbit is ******** on ops neck, its pretty universal to know thats not so sweet


Last time I checked(and yes, I check often...), rabbits shit pellets. Not a stream of shit, unless it has diarrhea. So I'm going to assume it was pissing.

incoherentrmblr 21

Is your rabbit R. Kelly?...

So the R stood for Rabbit? You learn something new everyday.

YDI for not having your rabbit in a cage

Some rabbits are the size of small dogs, so it could be a larger rabbit species that doesn't need a cage

NereidAlbel 14

I thought it was bad when mine decides to groom my eyebrows and eyelids to wake me up...

StiffPvtParts 43

Yesterday, I awoke to the sight of my cat, puking out a dead mouse on my bed. Right after he had finished puking it out, he just looked at me, turned around and went right back to sleep like he didn't see anything wrong with what he just did e_e

I've woken up to the delight of a bunny snuggling next to me, just to pee against my side.

It means he loves you. But yeah, it isn't pleasant.

#62 rabbits mark their territory by wiping their chin on things. its where their scent is. they dont pee on things to mark their territory.

I think it was because the rabbit was lazy to get off the bed and it was a cold night. Didn't help that she'd been to the vet earlier that day either.

kewpiesuicide 29

I've never had a rabbit just pee on itself...That seems like something's wrong with him

toowie_fml 20

Does your rabbit always roam free in your room?

If so, it seems a little deserved. Unless it's litter trained (which it obviously isn't).

My bunny has run of the house, sort of like a cat. Of course we "bunny-proofed" the house, but we have litter pans in various rooms on all 3 levels. Not once have I seen a turd go outside the litter box. Depends on the bunny though. My other bunny ***** everywhere and anywhere

ayyy_bro 26

Shouldn't your rabbit be in a cage at night or something...

Missyeru 14

Children are not the only spoilt creatures on the planet.

equitationbound 22

I agree! Mine is litter trained but she has her area for overnight, even my dogs go in crates at night.

kewpiesuicide 29

I used to have a rabbit who could escape from any cage I put him in! Every morning, I'd wake up to him moseying around the house

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KiaKarma 11

He's Just Marking His Territory, OP. You Should Feel Loved (;

Would you like it if your boyfriend "marked his territory" on you every morning, to make you feel loved?

#6, why have you capitalised the first letter of every word in your comment? Sorry for going wildly off-topic here, but I am genuinely curious about why people do this. Is it a style thing or did they just completely get the wrong end of the stick at school?

kewpiesuicide 29

Rabbits mark their territory with the scent on their chins, not urine

Maybe he just feels comfortable on you, like he has found a secure place. Though it's a shitty way to express that kind of affection. ;)

ayyy_bro 26
conman531 23

Why isn't your bunny in a cage?

You let your rabbit run free? Or should I say... hop?