By kaleemuller - United States - Charlotte
Today, I returned from a week long vacation in Aruba. After 10 hours of travel and 3 flights, I was walking to my car at the airport, excited to finally get home, only to realize I left my car keys, apartment keys, and work keys at the resort. FML
kaleemuller tells us more :
Just to clear this up, my keys were in the safe, so was my passport, however so were the things of 6 other people. I was the first person to leave and when I asked them to hand me my passport out of the safe when I left, completely forgetting I had put anything else in the safe. I arrived at the airport at midnight and was unable to get into my apartment until the next day where I did have a spare set of car and apartment keys. The resort did mail my keys to me a few days later and now I have them. Yes, I learned my lesson and in the future will be triple checking things myself!
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  sturschaedel  |  27

They were probably in the hotel safe and OP forgot to check that.

Almost happened to me once. Luckily I was there with my car and found out when I tried to open it.

  MenacingMe  |  17

You're asking the real questions here... Safe or no safe, all of the aforementioned keys are of little to no value to have hanging around anywhere but in a suitcase when in the middle of a *different* country.

  usnwife  |  18

If you put them in a safe, wouldn't you have put your passport and wallet there too? And without those you wouldnt have made it on the plane...

By  MamaChey  |  22

That really sucks. It's hard for me to even fathom how anyone could say YDI. I haven't personally performed a dumbass maneuver like this, but I imagine me running around trying to pack/catch my flight, still semi-drunk &/or hungover from all the partying and overlooking something in the hotel. FYL for real.

  nicole1765  |  14

One, if you know you are going to drink, you should pack before the party. If you dont know if you will drink but you havent packed yet, then dont drink. Two, you should always check EVERYTHING at least twice for this reason. I get that he was still in vacation mode but even when im in vacation mode, but that doesnt mean to disregard everything else. P.s People overlook souvenirs or a few items of clothes, not three sets of keys that you cant do anything without.