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Today, I had to use the restroom while at work. I had the choice of the stall with a broken lock, or the stall with a huge crack in the partition wall. Not two minutes after I sat down, I noticed someone peeking in. FML
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  LiveLaughFML  |  10

I can't really blame the other person. Unless they had cruel intentions or looked at you for longer than they should have, of course. If I walked into a stall and saw a giant hole on the wall, I'd look in it too out of curiosity. (If I didn't know someone was already in the other stall)

  Clozzie  |  0

Either choose the stall with the broken handle and hold it shut with your foot


Choose the stall with the hole and use toilet roll to cover it up.

  wittygirl  |  8

Lol thanks for trying to be on my ass about it, I'm human everyone has their off days. So pardon me witty police I swears I won't do it again please don't spank me.