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Today, I had to use the restroom while at work. I had the choice of the stall with a broken lock, or the stall with a huge crack in the partition wall. Not two minutes after I sat down, I noticed someone peeking in. FML
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Creeper status.

It was 50/50. Next time bring pepper spray.


Creeper status.

Damn sexual deviants. We keep spraying for them and they just keep coming back.

Sorry, my mom took away my "two girls one cup" video...

You saw me peeking? Crap.

I can't really blame the other person. Unless they had cruel intentions or looked at you for longer than they should have, of course. If I walked into a stall and saw a giant hole on the wall, I'd look in it too out of curiosity. (If I didn't know someone was already in the other stall)

Creeper status ... That's for sure. If it were me I would have asked if they enjoyed the view.

It's because he picked the stall with the hole in the wall

Either choose the stall with the broken handle and hold it shut with your foot OR Choose the stall with the hole and use toilet roll to cover it up.


People suck sometimes

Well, wittygirl, that wasn't witty at all.

Lol thanks for trying to be on my ass about it, I'm human everyone has their off days. So pardon me witty police I swears I won't do it again please don't spank me.

I hate going in public bathrooms. I feel all awkward when people are around.

Some people are just creeps these days :/

These days? Jack the Ripper anyone?

Genghis Kahn?

Man bear pig? No? Ok, ok, hit me with the thumbs down...

@108 okay dude thumbs down just like you said.

It was 50/50. Next time bring pepper spray.


When I read that i was like no they mean pepper spray then I read it again lol

That's kinda gross... Who would want to watch sombody go to the bathroom...

People that have that fetish? There are a lot of people with extremely strange fetishes. Thankfully, I am not one of them.

Apparently that person would.

umm most likely they didn't know anyone was in there

76 - Of course they did or they would just ask if someone in there duh

76 - Of course they did or they would just ask if someone in there duh

This guy. I prefer public female urination though...

There are many sick bastards out there nowadays!:-

shoulda poked them in the eye! :D

a finger :p a hand. :p a nail...

A spike covered in the juice of a ghost chilly pepper.

Wait, which one did you go to...?

None, he shat in the urinal. /sarcasm.

Nawww I thought you were being serious! /sarcasm

So do we gave to specify when were being sarcastic now?

You should always go for the one with the broken lock and prop it closed with your bag

Doesn't mean it was a girl, a guy Wouldn't carry a purse.

That's what I do at school since most of the locks on our stalls are broken.

They don't call them "man bags" for a reason.

Or. If u don't have a bag put ur foot against the door

so im guessing you picked the one with the crack in the wall?

No. Shit. Pun intended.

piss on their face.

The aim would be pretty difficult and awkward if OP's a girl....

10, are you trying to start a fetish party?

Pretty...but the duck face makes EVERYONE ugly.

A potentially pretty girl making the infamously ugly duck face.