By slashteddy - / Wednesday 9 September 2009 23:30 / United States
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  EMR_fml  |  0

Yeah OP is female but that just makes this more confusing. Why would a little girl shriek after seeing a woman taking a dump in the woman's restroom? Isn't that the whole reason they make restrooms for women? So they can take a dump?

By  waterynuggets  |  0

For some reason this reminded me of that ep of Curb your Enthusiasm when he was in the bathroom and shoved a big water bottle in his pants right before a little girl walked in


ok wth? o.0 n y is a little girl in the guys bathroom?
as 4 the little girl seeing the O.P. she probably didnt want to see that n maybe freaked out, screamed, and ran. or maybe the door swinging open w/ the person behind it scared her?
FYL O.P. ...i'd hate to go through that. way too embarassing!!

  bookworm124  |  0

What, would you rather her say something else? "Taking a dump" is polite for this culture. I know plenty of people who would call it "taking a shit," or something worse.

OP - It sucked for the moment, but it's not as bad as it would be were you a guy. FYL for a while, then move on.

By  Goobian  |  3

Ooohh... at a restaurant a few weeks ago a lady opened the door on me and said something like hey lock the door! I thought it was locked.... I turned the thing on the doorknob... what really sucked I was text messaging on my cell phone while I was on the toilet haha she must of thought I was really weird... but yeah I feel ya. I am not using THAT restaurant's bathroom again.

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

That sucks. Sometimes the locks on public bathroom doors don't work and never get replaced because the owners of the restaurant/whatever are too lazy to fix the lock.

And you should've replied with something like: "hey, ever heard of knocking, bitch?". I hate it when people don't knock before trying to open a single-bathroom door at a restaurant.

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