By whyyjustwhy - Estonia - Tallinn
  Today, I copied some files to my phone while borrowing my grandfather's laptop. As I selectively deleted the files from the recycle bin, I noticed some pictures, and ended up seeing way more than I wanted to of his erect penis. FML
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  sarah6786  |  14

Um, maybe the OP's grandfather offered to let him/her use his computer, and maybe since the OP was being courteous enough to delete them after, they picked through the recycle bin looking for whatever he/she needed to delete and ACCIDENTALLY saw it. Logic.

  rasta_pasta  |  4

#16 nobody "accidently" sees pictures in the recycling bin, seeing as you have to restore media files before they can be viewed as anything but thumbnails.

  nurchok  |  15

#2, there is actually more to it: when you double click a file inside the recycle bin, it doesn't open, you first have to"undelete" it...
Come on OP, if your grandpa deleted something, at least respect his privacy and if you really wanted to empty the bin, there is no need to open it, just right click the corresponding icon and choose "Empty recycle bin", but something tells me you already knew that...