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I was holding on to my towel and I landed on the side my face.
By whatawaste / Wednesday 7 March 2012 16:25 / United States
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  WaxyBootz  |  0

YDI OP. You were getting in the shower anyways. People are starving in Affrica, you arrogant sociallistic son of a bitch. Next time you fall in piss, shit, or whatever it is, you should be thinking, at least you didn't have to drink/eat it! I sincerely say fuck you.

  nofearjenshere  |  12

"People are starving in Africa"? I agree that is a sad thing but what does it have to do with this FML at all? I feel like you are just one of those people that find a way to say YDI to everything.

  ThisIsMyReign  |  4

41 - People are starving in Africa and your complaining about a FML. Next time you see a FML you say "thank you". Now, go do something productive like help the people in Africa.

  bighugebrains  |  2

#41, i have a 50"hd tv. So you see i find it even more disturbing when i see the images of people in africa starving. So i switch channels and life is good again. I suggest you do the same.

  kittenvks  |  11

Personally, trying to be optimistic here, I like to think it was shampoo OP landed in! Probably not the year free kind either, that's what makes it an FML

  Feared  |  9

It's funny how difficult it is to put your hands out in front of you when you trip to prevent faceplants. Sarcasm*

Am I the only one that has that impulse to break a fall with something other than my face?

  Feared  |  9

36- I didnt say that putting your hands out will result in less injury. It's a reflex —your mind forces you— to try and protect yourself with your hands.