By whatawaste - 07/03/2012 16:25 - United States

Today, I went to the dorm showers to use the facilities. As I was getting in the shower, I slipped and landed face first into a puddle. It wasn't water. FML
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chaoticxxxmess tells us more.

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I was holding on to my towel and I landed on the side my face.

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Then it must have been apple juice right?!?!

Yeah but it isn't a joke because jokes are funny :/


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That's gross!!!!

olpally 32

Oh gosh.. This has fyl written all over it... Just flat out nasty.

What was it? Poo? What else can be grose?

Technically it was water.... 11 hours ago.

16-it could be urine, semen, or vomit. Both of those would be gross to fall into, especially in dorm bathrooms.

17 keep up the massive thumbs down streak! I think it might be a world record.

Every comment I see from bighugebrains makes my brain go down the dum-dum route.

Sounds like urine trouble. (hint it's a pun)

YDI OP. You were getting in the shower anyways. People are starving in Affrica, you arrogant sociallistic son of a bitch. Next time you fall in piss, shit, or whatever it is, you should be thinking, at least you didn't have to drink/eat it! I sincerely say **** you.

nofearjenshere 12

"People are starving in Africa"? I agree that is a sad thing but what does it have to do with this FML at all? I feel like you are just one of those people that find a way to say YDI to everything.

41 - it's not just that. falling face first onto tile would hurt like hell, the pee just makes it worse

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41 - People are starving in Africa and your complaining about a FML. Next time you see a FML you say "thank you". Now, go do something productive like help the people in Africa.

chaoticxxxmess 3

55- Getting piss in the scrapes from the tile doesn't help either...

#41, i have a 50"hd tv. So you see i find it even more disturbing when i see the images of people in africa starving. So i switch channels and life is good again. I suggest you do the same.

At least you could shower immediately afterwards?

33- I laughed but you pointing it out kind of ruined it

Good thing he was already in the shower

kittenvks 11

Personally, trying to be optimistic here, I like to think it was shampoo OP landed in! Probably not the year free kind either, that's what makes it an FML

I'm going to go with d, all of the above?

That's terrible... FYL.

I bet OP fell into a pile of aborted fetuses.

It's funny how difficult it is to put your hands out in front of you when you trip to prevent faceplants. Sarcasm* Am I the only one that has that impulse to break a fall with something other than my face?

32, you might fracture our break your wrists depending on the angle and height you're falling at. You're supposed to try to fall on your side.

36 - better a fractured wrist than a broken face.

36- I didnt say that putting your hands out will result in less injury. It's a reflex —your mind forces you— to try and protect yourself with your hands.

Is it supposed to be urine or semen?

Then it must have been apple juice right?!?!

Am I the only one who thought it was man mayonnaise? Manaise?

No, it was piss.

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Or lemonade?

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It could be white conditioner... ; )


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Lemonade? Lucky it was just that

chaoticxxxmess 3

I wish that's what it was :/ I love lemonade.

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Someone likes their lemonade warm.

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Or was it limeade?

moneybagz131 6

Warm, ALL the lemonade!

I prefer Leninade.

nice trip see ya next fall;)

Next fall? That's a long trip :O

This comment made me sad.

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That's nasty.

At least he's in the showers already

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That's delicious xD jk

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@6 idk why but every time I see your name and that pic I laugh.

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At least most urine is sterile. Unless the person had a bladder infection.

peachesncreem 21

It's still gross even if urine is sterile. Would you let someone pee on you?

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Oh. Kinky number 10!

It must have been one of those fancy golden showers huh?

Apple juice? Edit: 3 beat me to it. Soo... Yellow Gatorade?

I think i speak for everyone when i say: "Shhhh oooooww!"

No one was thinking that.