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  OysterPearls  |  33

50, most locks that I've seen in public bathrooms are barely secured in the little metal notch. A slammed door, especially when all the stalls are connected, could certainly cause that little metal bar to jump out of place.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Most likely, the slamming of the adjacent door caused OPs door to jump off the lock.
Most stall locks are pretty flimsy unless you're in a city where the public restrooms have pay locks.

  jimmy_poison  |  19

26- wait... There are cities where you have to pay to lock the stall door? Or do you mean those pay to use the restroom places? - I have never heard of the first option!

  RedPillSucks  |  31

@36,40 Cities where you have to pay to enter the rest room stall, so the doors unlock by inserting a coin.
They have good locks cause they also want to keep homeless people from using the stall as a living space.


#26 There are also cities such as San Francisco that have a better model with free restrooms that lock. The only catch is that there's a time limit (of 30 minutes or one hour I think), probably to keep homeless people from camping out in them (though I really don't know what happens after the time expires!).

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