By Username - 29/05/2014 14:14 - United States

Today, as I was using the public restroom in the mall, someone decided to slam the stall door next to mine. This resulted in my stall door opening while I was still on the toilet. The door was too far for me to reach. FML
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Sounds like a.... ... ... ... Shitty situation

Wave and start a conversation. Gotta make the moment sufficiently awkward.


Sounds like a.... ... ... ... Shitty situation

Go to your corner..

That comment was shitty, but I'll give it to you because I like your profile pic.

Best first comment ever... ... ... ... Said noone.

Like they always say, when one door closes another door opens

Oh he went there

Sounds like you forgot to lock the door.

50, most locks that I've seen in public bathrooms are barely secured in the little metal notch. A slammed door, especially when all the stalls are connected, could certainly cause that little metal bar to jump out of place.

Wave and start a conversation. Gotta make the moment sufficiently awkward.

I don't truly laugh out loud a lot, but envisioning that was cause for a good chortle.

Sounds like you had a crappy day

stand up and do the pants down shuffle.

I bet you were like... oh shit.

Yell you need TP for your bunghole

And make sure you tell them you're the great Cornholio

Was there no lock?

Sometimes they break. Overuse, crazy sex sessions, etc.

Always lock the door

Most likely, the slamming of the adjacent door caused OPs door to jump off the lock. Most stall locks are pretty flimsy unless you're in a city where the public restrooms have pay locks.

26- wait... There are cities where you have to pay to lock the stall door? Or do you mean those pay to use the restroom places? - I have never heard of the first option!

I never heard of either! Danm also where i live the locks cant do that since they slide in

@36,40 Cities where you have to pay to enter the rest room stall, so the doors unlock by inserting a coin. They have good locks cause they also want to keep homeless people from using the stall as a living space.

41 - thanks for the explanation :) I thought you mean there were places you could use the restroom for free but had to pay for the privacy!!!

#26 There are also cities such as San Francisco that have a better model with free restrooms that lock. The only catch is that there's a time limit (of 30 minutes or one hour I think), probably to keep homeless people from camping out in them (though I really don't know what happens after the time expires!).

56, maybe the door just swings open? That would be really awkward though!

Hahaha that sucks, but it's so funny!!