By caught out / Saturday 26 April 2014 23:29 / United Kingdom - London
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  thxnder  |  14

It is, shes saying that if you get into the habit of placing toilet paper into the water of the toilet before taking a dump, you will automatically check if there's any toilet paper before you empty your bowels and prevent embarrassing incidents such as this FML.

  jenjen2633  |  17

#52 I think #41 was thinking that when #3 said to put tp in the bowl they thought it meant to put the tp on the toilet seat. #41 is saying that they wouldn't use the tp they're sitting on to wipe themselves.


A window cleaners diary: Dear Diary, once again I saw some idiot shuffling around a public restroom with their pants around their knees in search of toilet paper. The look of absolute horror from the idiots co worker that walked in behind was totally worth the mental images I'll have for the rest of my life.