By caught out - 26/04/2014 23:29 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I had to take an urgent dump at work. I noticed too late there was no toilet paper left, so I had to risk doing a quick "pants around the knees" shuffle to the next stall. I locked eyes with the window cleaner at the same time I heard someone enter from behind me. FML
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Smile and wave? Who knows. It might work.

Well atleast.... Yeah I don't know so much for a comforting comment


Smile and wave? Who knows. It might work.

Nah I think that will just make OP a creeper.

Shelly_Kelly 6

this sounds like the beginning of a threesome. #lol

jacquesromualdez 12

Or wink at the window cleaner and high five the guy who just came in. Who knows what would be their reaction when you left, but it'll be really awkward for them.

Who would want to have a threesome after taking a shit and not wiping?

Wizardo 33

#1, or flip up to a handstand and twerk up against the wall, could work right?

I like the way OP refers to the old "pants around the knees shuffle" as if it's some sort of accepted thing. It isn't, OP. It isn't.

Xobubblyxo 23

Smile and wave boys. Smile. and. wave.

Well atleast.... Yeah I don't know so much for a comforting comment

missyfiona89 28

Here's a tip you can try: place a piece of tp in the toilet bowl before you go. It'll pervent splash backs and you'll make sure that there's enough tp to go.

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Here's a tip for the future then?

missyfiona89 28

It is, shes saying that if you get into the habit of placing toilet paper into the water of the toilet before taking a dump, you will automatically check if there's any toilet paper before you empty your bowels and prevent embarrassing incidents such as this FML.

most people use those santy-seats and I for one wouldn't want to use what I just put down to keep my butt from touching something to clean it.

Ah, thank you #35 for clarifying! Can you clarify #41 for me?

#52 I think #41 was thinking that when #3 said to put tp in the bowl they thought it meant to put the tp on the toilet seat. #41 is saying that they wouldn't use the tp they're sitting on to wipe themselves.

ALWAYS check for toilet paper, no matter how urgent it is.

You maybe should have prepared a little better with that plan.

The proper plan would have been getting completely naked and risking it. That way if anyone sees you, you can claim to be big foot.

why didnt you just reach under the stall?

Unless you have arms like Mr Tickle, I'm not sure how that would help.

Some places don't have open spaces on the bottom between stalls so it's not always an option anyways

Don't worry, I'm sure the cleaner see shit like this all the time

People with there pants down hunting for toilet paper?

icandothecancan 24

A window cleaners diary: Dear Diary, once again I saw some idiot shuffling around a public restroom with their pants around their knees in search of toilet paper. The look of absolute horror from the idiots co worker that walked in behind was totally worth the mental images I'll have for the rest of my life.