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  PaulG10  |  0

hmmm, sounds like my morning. but a bit different.... i woke up to carpenters that were building a deck outside my bedroom window that i wasnt aware of.... they were looking at me and laughing.... i sleep naked....

  ananamoose  |  0

#1 are you from Texas A&M? Also, what were the ants building when you woke up? Hopefully a really cool coffee table or something, or maybe since they were in your bed they were measuring you to make some wooden clothes for you. Which I would be stoked on! Wooden clothes congrats, I'm jealous

  trulyinsane  |  0

carpenter ants basically eat wood. carpentry = woodwork.

on another note, maintenance your house better might have helped. in most cases this is preventable before they get too far, but im not going to assume because that makes people look very dumb on this site.

  oh_mi_shizzle  |  0

lmao hahahaha
good one plexico! *gives thumbs up*
that would've been a worse fml, betting a bj from carpeter ants... *shudders at thought* lol

oh well, hope that wasnt ur case OP...

and i wont say ydi, but i dont think ur life is fucked cuz of this either, just kinda ruined ur day i guess...

just call somebody to come get rid of them and everything will be over :)
be calm lol

  _THE_MASTER_  |  0

lmao, i dunno what's funnier, the comment itself or the fact that i didn't need to read the name to know right away that it was plexico...dude, you always slay me. lmao