By Kyrie
Today, I came down in the morning to find that my fridge died, leaving water and meat juice all over the floor. My town only has garbage pickup every other week and the last was yesterday. We're expecting a heat wave this week. FML
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I thought about it but I really don't want those bags in the car. My neighbour is doing construction though and has a dumpster that mayyyyy get some additions. Or I'll just wait. Oh well

  Ric Gray  |  10

this is horrible advice....rotting vegetation makes great compost, burying fish deep isn't a bad idea either. throwing random meat, or other rotting foods in your yard will only attract scavengers like raccoons, rats, possums etc.

By  neuronerd  |  28

Do you have a city/county dump you can take it to?

By  Seeya55  |  31

Have a park within walking distance with a forest/stream by it? Carry the meat to there and dump only the food. Insects and creatures will take care of it very quickly. Your second option is to just triple bag it, and keep it in the shade outside.