By RatQuiRit - 13/10/2008 08:21

Today, I arrived at the station at 7:30pm sharp for the train... which was cancelled. FML
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That sucks. Wish there was more to the story, though.


TurtleGenius 0

That sucks. Wish there was more to the story, though.

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seven-thirty isnt even that early num nuts

I get up at six every morning I wish I got up at 7:30

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haha this is fail fml :p yeah because 7:30 pm is an insanely early time to wake up

trains get cancelled all the time. just wait 30 mins for the next one? :L

That is pretty much all there is to the story

linkinpark98 23

He could have a lot to hide.....

that's still your fault, you were going too fast for conditions.

Uh...that sucks? Unless you needed that train to go to something important, it doesn't sound like your life is ****** at all.

you can check the schedule before you go to the train station to see, otherwise it seems to be a small inconvenience unless you had to be somewhere special on a deadline which you would miss or something like that

I was once stuck in Staples MN for 6 hours while the train that derailed in front of the one I was on got cleared from the tracks.

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and i give a shit because...? so your train was canceled. big deal.

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This happens all the time especially with air lines. You need to learn to be patient.

Just because it happens doesn't make it OK. Rape happens, but you don't just have to deal with it.

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Don't even try to compare those just don't

I hate when that happens. That sucks but unless you were in a hurry it's not too awful, just annoying really.