By sadsadlady - 14/12/2009 20:25 - Canada

Today, I told my husband that while he was away I had had a miscarriage. His response? "If you can't take care of our baby while it is still inside you, how can I trust you to take care of it when it comes out?" FML
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That's effed up I mean, REALLY effed up Damn.

WTF. I hope this isn't true. if it is then you need to leave him. That is one of the cruelest, hurtful insensitive things Ive heard in a long time. My wife and I lost our first child 4 years ago to a miscarriage and I still get upset by it, thankfully we have 2 beautiful children now. leave that loser.


That's effed up I mean, REALLY effed up Damn.

omfg... what the hell is wrong with that man! divorce that ********.

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it's not a win at all. I'm not sure males realize how much a miscarriage can hurt a woman. it's like the saying, women become mothers the second they find out they're pregnant, men become fathers when they hold their child in their arms.

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he should've asked a relative or a friend who can accompany op and help her.

No kidding. Miscarriages could happen for any reason. Its not necessarily her fault. Even if it was, miscarriages are one of the most painful things a woman can go through, physically and mentally.. :( I cant imagine. Im sorry, OP.

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I just went through my 3rd miscarriage 3 weeks ago and that shit was more painful than the 16 hours of labor i went through to have my daughter. On top of that i had to be hospitalized because i lost so much blood.

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you know what else you could lol at? the fact that it could have and probably should have been you. i hope you never have to to watch a woman admit to you that she lost yall's baby. i have and it still breaks my heart every day thinking about my girlfriends face. i hope someone cuts off your balls and feeds them to you.

MrMeganFox ur a jerk. U must not have a soul if u think thts even close to funny

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Please tell me how he has a point. A miscarriage can really happen for any reason, be it the woman really not taking care of herself, being too stressed, or just plain gentics. It's not always the fault of the mother when a miscarriage happens and you're a douche for saying so.

That is a shit thing to say! I hope to hell you kicked him in the balls for that.