By what the fuck - 07/06/2013 21:20 - United Kingdom - Northolt

Today, my boyfriend and I were about to get intimate for the first time. He said he didn't want to use a condom, and that I should just give him one of my birth control pills instead, "so we can still be just as safe". What the hell? FML
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By sue - 31/05/2017 00:00

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Sounds like you shouldn't be having sex with him anyway if that's his preferred form of "being safe".

Don't risk it - he'll just add stupid to the gene pool.


Sounds like you shouldn't be having sex with him anyway if that's his preferred form of "being safe".

I'm wondering how old OP and her boyfriend are. Almost sounds like he's a little too young to be having sex.

He might just be stupid.

For some reason, I thought he was going to shove it down his penis hole... I scarred myself o_o

maybe the boyfriend has one of those reverse o mastic penises that sucks up eggs instead of shooting out sperm. you know how it is...

Wow at least he didn't suggest the birth control method most men prefer or offer.....pulling out

I don't believe that birth control pills work on men. I could be wrong though.

It just makes them grow boobs.

You're op's boyfriend's soul mate.

#2 no, they don't. But researchers are in the process of developing birth control pills for men.

Holy crap. LMFAOOO!!!

WOW!! Please tell us you are joking, or you are as stupid as OP's boyfriend...

#36 Researchers have long scrapped that project due to it giving males the same symptoms women recieve during menstruation, aside from the bleeding. Apparently, males can't handle that. I mean, what the fuck? I'd gladly do that for my girlfriend/wife.

BC pills work by Thinning the uterus wall and preventing ovulation. It takes a month for it to be working fully. One pill beforehand won't do anything.

Well, technically, it makes more sense to unload a gun than wear a bullet-proof vest

But I would never count on a guy to remember to take it everyday. Women need to protect themselves.

*Could* be wrong????

Forgive me if I'm wrong, and maybe I'm the only one, but I thought that DracoSpirita was using a form of satire called "gross understatement." It may not have been executed very well, but I very much doubt they were being serious.

Fuck that noise. She should be on the pill, or have a norplant or another similar method. He should bring his own condoms and use them properly. It's both people's responsibility. That's what equality is.

Especially if the person taking it doesn't have a uterus.

I'm about 90% sure that #2 was being sarcastic. Why does nobody pick up on the sarcasm on this website?

115- Usually you leave some clues showing you are actually being sarcastic. 2 didn't give any when she said "I don't believe [...] but I could be wrong". But maybe your comment was sarcastic ?

I instantly read it as sarcasm...

Really?? Omg birth control pills for men? Lol I mean I guess

Don't risk it - he'll just add stupid to the gene pool.

Even I know how that works. And I'm 11

There is actually research being done for birth control for men. The preliminary results are promising.

Isn't that called, umm, castration! Yeah, that's it!

It's better to unload the gun than shoot it at a bulletproof vest!

first of all its a vasectomy not castration and that is not birth control that is sterilisation. secondly they are attempting to make birth control for men in pill form, you know, like the ones women have.

have they solved the ED issue?

lol, Next time he might ask for a tampon

dont breed, for the love of god, please dont

Your boyfriends either an idiot or hiding something huge from you, which your about to find out.

If he is hiding that I doubt it would be huge

Maybe you should wait until he actually understands how things work...

Tell him he'll grow a pair of boobs and a vagina. If he's THAT gullible hell probably believe it!

You really shouldn't be having sex with a minor anyways.