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Today, after being admitted to the emergency room for severe abdominal pain, my boyfriend shouted out in front of my parents, "At least she isn't pregnant!" FML
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Well at least he was clearing the air... Parents like honesty....

citymayer 7


Well at least he was clearing the air... Parents like honesty....

UMad_Bro 3

How obvious can the boyfriend be?

He could walk around with a pregnancy test that reads positive. That may be slightly more obvious...

9 the boyfriend also could have yelled "good thing she's not preggo after we had the hot'n'sexy night last month."

63- I'm not quite sure, but I think I have you a tad bit beat on the obvious scale. Just a little :p

duckiiboy 0

63 does it take a month to notice ur pregnant where u come from lol last I checked u start finding out around 2-3 weeks o ya and Gz OP

72 I was just using an example calm down grandpa. 64 don't beat around the bush, you think you're more obvious than me do you, well I call a Mortal Combat, I CALL SCORPION.

aruam365 24

If you're young enough to be embarrassed to have your parents know you're sexually active; you're too young to be sexually active. And, your boyfriend is right. At least your not pregnant!

aruam365 24
citymayer 7

^^^^true dat^^^^ if u were pregnate you would be writing much worse fml

YOU need to put all the letters in a word. See, THAT wasn't that bad.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

That's when she mumbles "yes I am..."

13FTW 9

That* you* pregnant* a much worse*

13FTW 9

**** my brain for pushing send instead of show me the comment. Okay be cool here, uhhhh penguins!!

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armyofficerwife 0

I really don't give a shit about spelling and the fact that you spend time running around the Internet looking for people to correct is really sad. No, no, you have a nice day. :D

obviousboy 8

It's pretty clear you don't give a shit about spelling when you misspell such a simple word. On the bright side, we all know that you're an idiot now. Have a nice day. :D

nublets 12

I find it silly that grammar nazis choose to correct people in the internet, its mostly a large collection of ignorant people. Correct your friends and make a real impact :D id like that more

armyofficerwife 0

When the hell did this involve you? Are you starving for attention? You poor poor person. Here let me help. Hello, how are you? Would you like to be a part of this conversation? Oh an by the way, one grammatical error does not make me and idiot. Taking time to comment on someone else's conversation does. It also makes you nosey.

59- you mean "and" and "an". have a nice day :P

nublets 12

Total grammar pwning going on here

I thought about correcting this, but I think my officer status in the Grammatical Nazi Community ( prevents me from correcting such frivolous mistakes. Congratulations, however, on those of you newer to the community who got your corrections in. Now all of you, have a ******* nice day, and if anyone in this conversation wishes someone a nice day again I'm going to flip a bitch.

78 thanks for clearing that up, have a nice day.

this conversation wishes someone a nice day again(,) I'm going to flip a bitch. You forgot a comma. I fixed it for you. Have a nice day :D

So once the bitch is flipped, you can do the other side.

Decapitation 3

59 - You're a dick. Have an average day.

62 - Please rage, id love to see it! I'm sure your capable of causing great wrath over the Internet right?

armyofficerwife 0

You are all retarded children. I'm done with you.

I find it rather humorous you're arguing with "retarded children". Most of which are more grammatically correct than you.

-gasp- But, that's not politically correct!

Decapitation 3

Handled like a true adult. Someone corrects you and then says "have a nice day", and you say "I don't give a shit." Then you call everyone retarded children.

fthislyfe 22

I know you're all gonna rage now but I think #3 isn't that bad at grammar. It was only one mistake. And "and" was obviously a typo. Anyway, I think people have different talents and not just grammar. Although it was a very simple word. But still... You're being too harsh.

109 - you correct someone only when they're being thumbed down. Duh.

fthislyfe 22

110: I looked at your profile and I realized you such at grammar BIG TIME! So stop trying and take some English courses. Thanks!

fthislyfe 22

Oh and have a nice day dumbass!

/Me wonders what it's like to 'such' at grammar.

fthislyfe 22
Decapitation 3

Fthislyfe - The reason people are hating is because after a polite correction this "adult" responded with hostility.

MichellinMan 20

I feel like a Jew surrounded by grammar nazis.

@115: Perhaps the person you went all psycho on made 'typos' as well. It's funny that the corrector has become the correctee.

I ******* love you. Thank you for making my day.

mintcar 9

Your boyfriend knows how to make an impression.... -_-

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MichellinMan 20

Wow that is not what that means you douchebag.

I normal wouldn't correct a simple mistake such as this, but since no one else has mentioned this, my duty as a Grammatical Nazi ordains that I must: *You're

84 - Damn you're right. Stupid I'm back to correcting these types of errors :(

Decapitation 3

Actually, some of the comments implied that he was using "your" instead of "you're".

You still might be pregnant... Lol "I didn't know I was pregnant" ftw! I love that show...

kiakia0131 23

No, there's an actual TV show called "I didn't Know I was Pregnant." It airs on TLC (or it could be Discovery, not too sure). It might air on a different channel where you live, or it might not air at all.

SkardeyKat 3

Lol yeah this fml made me think of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, too.

Apologies if this is posted twice, I don't think it went through the first time. 29- Ah, thanks, I wasn't aware of that show. I don't really watch TV much. I guessed ER because I just started watching it starting with s4 (Alex Kingston fan) and that line was in an episode; it was fresh in my memory.

Joshoa123 16

I'm assuming you didn't fall for him because of his way with words.

At least he wasn't wrong. That coulda been real awkward Him: "At least she isn't pregnant!" Doctor:"Well actually......*cough*"

Well at least he wasn't lying.... Or was he?