By stainseverywhere - United States
  Today, I had to sit my 13-year-old son down and explain to him that I'd noticed that his pajamas feel a little "crispy" when I pick them up to do the laundry, and ask if he could start using tissues when having some "alone time." FML
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  chlorinegreen  |  27

153- I knew what you were talking about lol and maybe daddy should have a talk with the son. Maybe the bird and the bees? It's embarrassing to talk to your parents about it so he's probably just doing whatever he can.

By  Dianaax33  |  9

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13 years old is still too young to masturbate? Hell, I think it would be more of a concern if boys(maybe girls?) didn't start masturbating by the time they turn 8-10 years old.

  DjeePee  |  24

Boaf, 'normal'... isn't it hard to speak about 'normal' if it comes to sexual activities? I think that starting to masturbate between 12 and 14 years is the average, but that doesn't make the people who do it at a younger/older age not normal.

You do know that toddlers also play with their genitals, don't you?

By  jnaust  |  8

That won't scar him at all! Why not just put a box of tissues in his room and not mention what they're for? I'm sure he'd put 2 and 2 together and use them.


^word! What if he or a sibling etc reads this? You'll know who to blame when he turns on you in the next few years. Welcome to 21st century parenting, where you share your dirty laundry with the world.

  DrMime  |  10

98- did you know that your home could be ravaged by the deadly forces of clouds at any time?!?! I recommend you buy some cloud insurance from me to protect yourself!!! Also you seem a little low on the mental side, so I'll throw in my patented 'imagination cream'! It's packed full of creamy wonder and joy! It's a white paste you can play with and it can be and do whatever you want it to!

Also I have the option of 'imagination paper' if you like to draw... It's basically a piece of paper.

By  Tikmysta  |  18

I think that's a little unfair if I understand your FML correctly, it is only perfectly normal for a boy at that age to have wet dreams. It is not alone time, I am almost sure of it.
You should know this too I would assume :)

By  fmessiah  |  17

You did not have to do that, there are many other non embarrassing methods you could use, like above said a box of tissues and a small bottle of lube would be a very subtle way. And did you consider that maybe it isn't him having 'alone time' (he keeps his seed in a jar and fills your moisturiser bottle with it when you aren't looking), maybe he is having uncontrollable wet dreams.

  thinkPlNK  |  0

even though at the time it may have been awkward, OP's son should appreciate his mother talked to him about it. he may understand it more and know that there's not anything wrong with masterbating.