By smellsgood - 13/03/2010 19:32 - United States

Today, after finishing the laundry, I took clothes out of the dryer and took a big whiff of their delicious clean scent. That was when I noticed that my mom was watching me, and I had just smelled my dad's still-stained underwear that was on top. FML
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kaleid0scopeEyes 0

lets see how many people comment trying to justify stained underwear

I pity the fool that smells underwear.


Sketch_Enter 0


kaleid0scopeEyes 0

lets see how many people comment trying to justify stained underwear

yup...."there's nothing wrong with stained undies except that they are all brown."

Emofluffinzhehe 0


pendulum2012 0

that's like when some girls try to say that there is nothing wrong with period stained underwear, I'm sorry but I'm a girl and I would never keep underwear with stains in it, that's just nasty and trashy

atleast you weren't at the laundromat where justin bieber couldve been watching you, and waiting for you to drop a scarf so he could steal it and stalk you (yes I'm referring to his video of one less lonely girl)

was it white or brown

YDI for smelling underwear

YourEvilHero 12

well at least she was doing the laundry

The big question is stained with what? Oh, and YDI for not looking before huffing.

beccaishereyay 11

hahahaha aww just the wrong place at the wrong time sweetie

topherweaver 0

haha who doesn't smell their dads underwear?

marleytooyou 0

what the hell why would u even watch that video??? LOSER!!!

wat did ur mom do?

Taylorfacepwns 0

51, i love your hair(: and to this post, ewh.

bezach 0

my step dad has one pair with "bacon" marks on them and holes in the back

nessalujin 0

Their not losers 'cuz they watched a video you don't like sweetie.

buttonface 0

51. To not to. You're what: 12 going on 13? If that is you, you look like a tramp. LOSER!!!!

#73 Bacon marks?!!!! Holes in the back??? What's he having anal sex with a dog???

beccaishereyay 11

77 and 80 good job :) and 51... did you not get that they were making fun of the video. attacking someone with absolutley no reason to make yourself feel better is a sign of insecurity love. other signs are hair and makeup that one feelsthey can hide behind. exhibit A... you.

^^Yep. What's with the makeup? Are you TRYING to overdo it, or are you just retarded? Not even most tramps wear that much.

marleytooyou 0

wow I am not a tramp and yes he is a loser for watching fucking Justin beiber who is a loser and musst be like 9 to even like or defend him :P!!!!!!!

yeah, you look like an emo whore (:

beccaishereyay 11

....yes you are a whore. you seriously wouldn't dress like that unless your a complete tramp or trying to be one. he didn't defend Justin bieber he was making fun of him. I'm not necessarily a fan but Justin bieber is probably 2 to 3 years older than you and 100x more sucessful then you will ever be you ugly dirty slut. go suck a fat one.

WOW_idc123 0

ohh snap becca lmao

cearalaken 0

lol she probaby does suck fat ones all the time

gigi_bella 0

Violently hating on Justin Bieber has become cool in our society, apparently.

MXavierT 0

Her eyes make her look like something from the grudge.

lol... guys, that girls picture is fake

marleytooyou 0

if u don't like the way I look why waste ur time insulting me u have waaaay too much time on ur hands

beccaishereyay 11

why are you wasting time trying to stick up for yourself. it's obvious that it's not going to get you anywhere.

Seem like you're all bitches, and dicks if any of the comments were males. Now I'm horny, thanks a lot guys and gals...

beccaishereyay 11


YeahFMLxX 0

I say they fight till the death? anyone with me?!

beccaishereyay 11

ahahahaha :) guys guys! look at the other comments below this... there's another whole chain of comments dedicated to calling this girl a slut lol made me laugh

ohhh SNAP PS -- Why are you hating on 9 year olds?

Joking aside, I thought #51's pic was of a little fake Barbie doll.

Hahahaha ydi!!! dumb ass

I wear tight clothes and high-heeled shoes. It doesn't mean that I'm a prostitute, babaaay!

haha123321 0

aw leave 51 alone. it's just the way she expresses herself. it doesn't mean she is a whore. I know she really shouldnt have called that poster a loser but still she is just dressing how she wants.

@51 yea you are youre in your underwear in your picture.

#51/marleytooyou's picture is definitely fake. It literally took me less than a minute to find it on Google.

@marleytooyou don't listen to them..I think your awesome and support you fully

NotErin 0

beccaishere you are just mad because you belive that you are prettier then her but she can still get laid and you can not

151, or "NotErin," why is it that people, instead of trying to prove a point logically, resort to immature comments like yours? Telling someone he or she is ugly (Becca clearly isn't, by the way) won't earn you any cookies, or debates.

beccaishereyay 11

umm I never said she wasn't pretty. I do think she is. she's just insecure by attacking other people and throwing herself out there. and I'm sure she's had a bunch of sex before sweetie but that doesn't mean I haven't either. stop trying to one up me guys. it's not going to happen.

nessalujin 0

Oooh, go you! ;)

someone tell me the point of insulting others on an FML comment at all? that's what is immature. post a comment on the FML! oh, and op, ydi for not looking before you sniff.

Calm down everyone. Her picture is fake. Note my comment above for the link. She's just a troll. Please stop feeding it.

"She" googled something else, DerangedFox. Apparently your comment has been noticed.

ipwnallmen 10

whoo! gettin high on fresh laundry and stains!!! OP, were they poo, semen, or both?

beccaishereyay 11

I like your picture boopity boppity lol. and yeahhhh little Marley girl might be a little Marley petophile. D: lol

I thought that jail bait photo looked familiar.

And what website would you be on that would have that picture, Freeze? Sounds like "Miley" isn't the only creepy one here...

marleytooyou 0

it's funny how a lot of these coments are about me and not the FML :)

What? That's not funny.

beccaishereyay 11

awww Marley boo, your probably soaking it up huh:) girls like you love it when things revolve around them. whether it's good or bad. I love how your so predictable :) keep going honey what else do you have to say?

boopityboppity, I don't quite understand why my comment was annoying enough to merit a correction. In fact, I don't even understand what you meant by "she googled something else." Please do elaborate. I never assumed no one noticed my first comment, I just politely reminded everyone that she is just asking for attention and to those that say she's pretty don't even know what she really looks like. I'm not trying to create a seperate arguement here.

beccaishereyay 11

deranged fox... I think that boopity boppity was trying to say that Marley noticed our comment and google another picture to put up. not meant to be a hit toward you.

becca, seriously, get over it. this is a girl you've never met or will ever meet. why does it matter? maybe it is her or maybe it's someone she wishes she could be. who gives a fuck? You've dragged this shit out way too long.

DerangedFox, see Becca's comment. Upon further consideration, my comment surely should have been more self-explanatory. My apologies.

Okay. Honest to god you guys are all being very immature. She put up a picture. If you do not like her picture, its simple... DON'T LOOK AT IT! Stop being judgmental. And stop complaining and insulting her. Its her business and maybe her parents business if they ever found out. NOT YOURS. So just leave her alone..

beccaishereyay 11

lajayblahblah... I don't understand why it bothers you so much. I don't know her and you don't know me OR her. so your kinda being a bit hypocritical by commenting on how much I bug you. were you just hurt that you weren't apart of the conversation and wanted to join?:( poor jaylaykaynaybay it's alright :) your in now. don't worry be happy

marleytooyou is pretty cute

wow becca. let me guess, you're soaking up all of the drama you produce from that little keyboard of yours. why does her picture bother you so much that you have to keep continuing on and on about it? oh, and purposefully misspelling my username doesn't make you any cooler, it just makes you immature. grow up kiddo. I said it cuz the girl doesn't need a little girl insulting her over a WEBSITE.

ndiesal 0

Becca, good God almighty, will you shut the fuck up you stupid little cunt? Go do something productive with your life. Do you literally sit at your computer and keep refreshing this page to see how people have responded to your comments so you can keep firing back? Wow. Oh yeah, let's make fun of this emo kid with a fake pic. Get a fucking life already. Same to you all who joined in.

thank you 180. Finally someone with common sense.

beccaishereyay 11

laypooyjacoo... 1. I'm on my phone 2. it's not her picture that bugs me it's her instant attack to other innocent people, not just on this one post btw... just want to see how she takes it being attacked 3. stfu 4. I'm not creatin drama... I'm creating entertainment for people who are waiting got the nest fml to come out

beccaishereyay 11

op im not done :) 5. Marley is fake. none of those pictures are actually her sweetie. 6. LAYFAJCAYTANEBSY 7. if I bug you so much stop trying to keep telling me how dumb I am for dragging this out. go do somethig else with your time other than working yourself up.

it's still a keyboard you are typing on dumbfuck. you are creating drama, this isn't entertaining, it's stupid and immature. funny comments about the op is entertaining. who in the fuck made you judge, jury, and executioner to give you the right to attack someone for her post on SOMEONE ELSE? you have some major issues kiddo. Oh, and if you want to get on the point of attacking someone for attacking another, consider this my attack for you attacking marley.

Thanks for the correction, boopityboppity. My apologies for getting so defensive. Just thought I'd add that...

everyone, is calling her picture fake. none of you know if it is or not. maybe she posted a picture of her self on emo designs or whatever it is called. leave the poor girl alone. op, that made me laugh, I wonder what your mom thought. could have even been worst, it could have been your dad that walk up as you sniffed is fart stained undies,

marleytooyou 0

why r u so obssesed with me that like all of ur comments are about me beccaishereyay ????

beccaishereyay 11

Kayjaylaypoolay, love. don't get so upset because of me. I respect yout opinion of me but now your just going a little overboard... go ahead sweetie, be the mature one here. don't let me get to you and just walk away from this. baby you got me, you win. your now the super duper mature one who gets all worked up over comments that have nothing to do with her on FML. don't comment back, it's okay... I'll still be your friend :)

beccaishereyay 11

omg marley your right. I am SO completely obsessed with you. your so great.

marley, maybe it's a girl crush or she is so upset with failing at life that she has to insult people over FML for entertainment. hell, maybe it's both. becca, for your own sake, get over yourself. for all we know, your picture might be fake.

lmao. I don't need fake friends like you. have fun trying to find some other fake friends though. I'm not worked up over anything, I just can't stand a girl being bullied for no reason at all. post an fml about how much time you have on your hands to bully random people online. I'll be the first to say ydi for being a dumb cunt.

beccaishereyay 11

:0 you got me. i have a huge crush on Marley and I'm fake. so stop commenting lajapoopoo. your only contradicting yourself about maturity. likey I said before, let me be the immature one. just walk away from this. you'll feel better about yourself :)

I agree. Except for everything from "Post an FML" up to the dumb cunt part is uncalled for.. You calling Becca that is just as bad as what she's doing. You're being immature as well.

marleytooyou 0

for some reason I feel like I'm the one causing all this drama, nawww it's not me, who am I kidding ??? :)

beccaishereyay 11

hahahaha oh Marley :)

itz_towelie 6

i don't have a reason for posting here, I just like being a part of things... so... how bout those lakers?

just knock it off. You're becoming a bit of a troll

WhatANoob 0

LOL @ 211

asquithpat 0

well played

155's eye follows you like a painting...

Rumeee666 0

your a bich #93 u should just say sorry!

BrookeTrueblood 0

Jesus Christ... Maybe we should just hang a sign around Marley's neck saying "Please don't feed this troll, many needlessly angry, ignorant women will follow yelling bad insults and end up looking like a bunch of jackasses. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your day on this zoo of a post."

Ha Ha why is everyone hating On Marley Especially Becca who's every comment is on Marley that's kinda wierd and @Becca is kinda obssess

since when does a pink stripe in your hair and a black T-shirt make you a tramp? or is there something else I am not seeing on this small iPhone pic

@51 Live her Alone she's a human being leave alone all you do Is take and take (Chris crocker me)

jasoniskiing 0

marley changed her picture after someone found it as a fake online one. why is everyone hating on becca? shes fucking hilarious. and pretty damn cute :)

mudkipz95 0

dear becca, your being a bit hypocritical imo, by telling people you have a problem with them attacking innocent people.. then proceeding to call her a whore etc. you're also a bitch. fuck off and leave Marley alone, even if she's 10x faker thank you'll ever be.

jasoniskiing 0

dear mudkipz something. stop being mean to becca. i seriously dont think she was really serious through the whole thing. shes pretty brilliant actually. getting people worked up over nothing. hey becca... wanna go out? lol if you live in california that is.

do you guys even remember what you started arguing about?

boredoutamymind 0

All you retards can go fuck yourselves. Marleytooyou can dress or look however she wants just like anyone else in the world. And how can you automatically assume she is a slut? And who knows, maybe she put that much make up on just for the pic... Anyways you should all just kill yourselves.

tehamericanboy94 0

@ 188.. that's what I was thinking..

jasoniskiing 0

everyone that is hating on becca... go read these comments again with a more humorous attitude. and note the bitchy pathetic way Marley comments on things. I bet becca takes a psychology class in college lol

I think everyone should just get over themselves and stop feeding all of the trolls. I mean seriously. let her be fake and let other people bitch about it. who cares

jasoniskiing 0

where did becca go? shes not commenting anymore :/ i miss her. becca come back!!

InCaged_Insanity 0

to 51 you are very pretty.

jasoniskiing 0

beccas fuckig hot

davixen2009 0

lol @ "not looking before huffing" 

jackydanglers 0

it's a good passtime

jackydanglers 0

I'm just now joining this unecessarily scheduled bitchfest but for god's sake becca, grow some balls and stop hiding behind a this day and age online threats and insults are like watching American idol, it's mildly entertaining, good for a laugh...and keeps going and going LONG after it's expiration date. so some girl dresses differently than you do - neither one of you is gonna end up on the cover of vogue, so who gives a shit what each other wears?

jackydanglers 0

and if she attacks someone, well mistakes are made, I'm sure you are just as far from grace, so no need in the pot calling the kettle black. drop the fuckin issue and comment on the post instead of posting unecessary bullshit that neither of you will ever have the guts to back up. thank you for listening.

Your dad has been eating to much chipotle. Go buy him some chipotle away and you'll save yourself from stained underwear sniffing embarrassment next time! ;)

haha, I love that computer nerds are dissing one of the only girls with style on this site. FYL's for being failures hahahahahaha

#234, justin beiber? lol

farsidee 0

^^please catfight please catfight please catfight please catfight please catfight!

DerangedFox's comment wins the most ignored award.

Joseph_Stalin 0

Since were all talking about how others look, who else agress I am a sexy beast from my profile picture?

omg! joseph you smexy! hahahaa.

10_4Franky 0

I laughed so hard I almost had an asthma attack. 

wow u guys have no live's -_-

lmao @ Freeze. You and boopityboppity seem to be the only ones who acknowledged it's existance. Otherwise, people wouldn't be going on and on about how marley's pretty and can dress how she wants *sigh*

jasoniskiing 0

good job guys. you chased becca away

jasoniskiing, I think that was their intention.

YDI for having a nose.

actually in the video the girl was stalking him to get her scarf back. so in a way they stalked each other and became stalker lovers who had little stalker babies. the end (:

purplemnm 9

marleys pic is Dana Killer, search on myspace.

jasoniskiing 0

I know derangedfox. that's what makes me sad

Stop sniffing your dad's underwear everyone. It's like a drug, a toxin that causes you all to start a conflict between each other. Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with the stoppage of smelling your dad's underwear.

maybe everyone should just repy to the fml and not peoples picturres. if you dont like the pic , dont trash the person about it. thats dumb. anyways with all this arguing about marley i forgot what the fml was even about. :/ just sayingg..

look at op's name LMAO!!!!

kh2soldier 1

style dumbass

kh2soldier 1

ur judging by looks again... ur a dumbasd

Marley is fake anyways.

Becca shut the fuck up u fucking young smartass bitch.

beccaishereboo is becoming the next snickerdoodles. sorry, but its true(: lots of people hate you now. you're welcome.

Your moms reaction + your reaction seeimg the underwear: priceless ;)

I just found this fml in the randoms. After reading this thread, jasoniskiing seems like a fake account made by becca. I can't remember that account posting on other fmls, but maybe I'm wrong

RedJester23 6

somethin we should know?

lol this made my day

I pity the fool that smells underwear.

hahaha i love this^ guy ahahaha

it could have Bern worse like it could have been her brothers

marleytooyou 0

ewe sikko

purplemnm 9

ew fake

saywaturcoco 0

ewe emo!

skullbashd 3

^^^^ did he hit you cuz he loves you

Why are we talking about sheep?

she's not necessarily emo. and who cares if she is anyways. stop being judgemental.

she may not be emo, but she looks like a whore, pretty much no matter what..

marleytooyou 0

I know dude hater !!!!! :P

marleytooyou 0

I am not a whore u don't know me !!!!

mexicantumblewee 0

whore ^ definately

not a whore... a slut probably.. she doesn't charge so she can't be a whore.

mezsed 0

she actually looks hot, not in a slutty type of way. all i gotta say is fuck haters :)

marleytooyou 0

it isn't a fake picture dammit why r u all such haters :/

this is SO a fake picture, u photoshoped this didn't u? this is one of the type of pics I would add to "I lmaoed when I saw this pic" it's a facebook group tht has a failed Photoshop pic of a girl trying to make her boobs look big.

nomnommonster 0

She's one of those scene kids. It's a style pretty much, and not a bad one. Gawd, people these days.

purplemnm 9

"bitch you don't know me you don't know me!!" gawd fake slut

nomnommonster 0

Hmmm. I have decided that I quite enjoy your glasses, purple.

she photoshopped it to make her look less fat cuz we all know she's probably a fatass

Again.. Leave her alone. Like she said.. You don't know her or how she is. And besides, no matter how she is, its none of your guys' business. She was commenting on the post not on anyone else. Yes up top she commented on someone. But in no way to the extent of all of you. So just stop being immature and stick to the FML. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Don't start shit over the internet for no reason.

marleytooyou is freaking cute

WhatANoob 0

YOUR ALL NOOBS. MARLEY AND ME WAS THA BEST MOVIE EVAR. Oh. you guys aren't talking about the movie? your still noobs

mexicantumblewee 0

hahaha ^

MXavierT 0


wow dude...just wow

XxKeLs3yxX 0

yeah that's pretty gross

Your hair is beautiful, but I think you would just look gorgeous if it was only a few inches past your shoulders. Sorry, I felt the need to share my opinion =P

XxKeLs3yxX 0

thank you... and yup evryone has the right to their own opinion =]

PsychoMerk 0

I wanna know WTF u do to your hair!!? D: it's shinier than foil o.o me likes though :3

thoughtcrimeno1 0

loreal, cos she's worth it. that or nuclear superultramechadeathchrist conditioner.

pronounciations 5

why does your dad still possess stained underwear?