By idiotson - 11/06/2014 00:39 - United States - Rocky Point

Today, I had to go to the police station after my son got arrested for shoplifting 15 packs of gum. He got away with it at first, but got busted when he tried to return it all because he "didn't like the flavor". FML
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Your son is an idiot

Extra punishment for being such a fool


Your son is an idiot

And the retard awards go toooo: OP's son

He learned from the best.

If you look closely at OP's name..

wow, idiot indeed. he should have sold them to his friends and made a profit. on a serious note, i hope he got fined or something. its people like him that "helps" the prices go up, so the company can make up for the prices of the stolen item. granted its gum, but still.

cjwayy 22

If you can't even fuck up correctly, then... Well yeah, he's just an idiot.

Lmao. I agree with you. He could have at least sold the gum and make a profit off of it.

Actually, inflation and raising minimum wage makes prices go up.

Don't let him Orbiting around the stores anymore.

EphMi 5

Looks like you could use a book on raising children. Maybe you'll do better next time!

He could have been president in Idiocracy....... The movie is coming true right before your eyes

Turned in to a sticky situation

*Slowly claps*

Really no. 2, Really?

Extra punishment for being such a fool

He cant wrigley out of this one

iLike2Teabag 27

If you think it's easy to pull off, why don't you Try-dent?

I guess returning it didn't Eclipse him as a bad idea

I bet he gets Five years.

#58, it is pretty easy to pull off. You simply Stride in and Orbit the store until you've found the desired flavor, then Wrigley your way out of the door.

I pity the fool!!

i guess he doesn't excel in school, since he is that much of an idiot

That'll give you something to chew on for a while.

If nothing else, food for thought

PotatoPal 11

Gee, the cops really burst his bubble. FYL, OP!

beaverteaser 16

maybe he can pay they fine in gum

Nobody ever pays me in gum :(

sparty48910 5

Only if he stole trident layers.

Goblin182 26

That is just scarey stupid.

The irony here. It hurts.

Goblin182 26

I might make typos but at least I'm not anal.

just go away #61

Goblin182 26

No way. Bugging you is to much fun.

#71 You're not bugging anyone. It's just that each time you reply, you make yourself look like an even bigger fucktard. But if you wanna keep entertaining us/embarrassing yourself, go right ahead.

That must of been a sticky situation.

It wasn't. All the packs of gum were still closed. I was there.

upallnight11 19

*must have been

He used sarcasm, dummy

Thefmlman2011 - Really? That was sarcasm? To me it just looks like bad grammar. But then again, what the hell do I know about sarcasm and grammar.

Doc knows nothing about grammar and sarcasm because Mrs. Bastard writes his blog for him. Obviously.

What the hell did he think would happen. He's bringing being an idiot to a higher level.

xivoricbutterfly 25

Im guessing he thought he can sneak it out he can sneak it back in.

that was really idiotic.