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............. how did you find out?...... :/ and that's why you either don't get a dog, or you get a FEMALE dog. With pets comes responsibilities. Even if you don't like it.

  rebbee  |  0

Just what i was wondering!
OP, did you just take it upon yourself molest your dog or were you instructed to do so by a vet or other reliable persons?

  authorkid  |  2

45 I've had two male dogs in the past thirteen years and none if them have ever gotten sunburned there. getting a female dog isn't gonna stop something from happening when it nver happens in the first place.

  okieraider71  |  4

I am proud of you. By getting a pet, you assumed the job of caring for it. Even if it is something "gross". And you are standing up to that promise of caring I suspect you will be an excellent parent.

  eggjuggler  |  0

Agree with 62. People, please neuter your dogs. Pet overpopulation is really sad. That being said, I have a white poodle, so I know how easily a pink-skinned dog can get burned... which is exactly why i keep sunblock SPRAY and aloe SPRAY around. Seriously, look into it. No need to be rubbing things when you can take care of it with a spray bottle. I'm all for doing what's best for your dog, but umm... this really edges into weird territory.

  TobyFunke  |  3

"its bad enough you have to rub your bf"?!

If you actually care about them, you should like pleasuring your bf, maybe you should try girls...