By Anonymous - 04/08/2010 10:24 - United Kingdom

Today, I had to moisturise my dog's testicles because they got sunburnt. FML
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did he redrocket on you?

ArtIsResistance7 1

lol. It rubs the lotion on the skin... I bet your dog will never look at you the same.


mmmazingmary 0

hahaha grosss!!

Eww, that's why I don't have a dog.

sell him to a Chinese restaurant instead!

catalystics 2

make sure you rub the lotion in good

Melaniee_fml 0

that's really disgusting.

Neuter your dog.

Did your dog tell you or are you in the habit of inspecting his balls?

quent10 0

wtf? lol wat was he doin layin on his back for hours

don't act like you didn't love it ;p

Yea lotsa fun...hope there's no happy ending...

1) how did you know they were sunburnt 2) how did your dog get sunburn there?

............. how did you find out?...... :/ and that's why you either don't get a dog, or you get a FEMALE dog. With pets comes responsibilities. Even if you don't like it.

anyone who really loves their dog shouldn't have a problem and their life is definitely not f**ked.

I guess sharpie loves his/ her dog... and it's balls?

Just what i was wondering! OP, did you just take it upon yourself molest your dog or were you instructed to do so by a vet or other reliable persons?

authorkid 2

45 I've had two male dogs in the past thirteen years and none if them have ever gotten sunburned there. getting a female dog isn't gonna stop something from happening when it nver happens in the first place.

YDI for not neutering.

swifft_fml 0

45-spider man reference ftw;) ahaha

sounds like a Hand j0b to me...


I am proud of you. By getting a pet, you assumed the job of caring for it. Even if it is something "gross". And you are standing up to that promise of caring I suspect you will be an excellent parent.

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

YDI b/c you wanted to in the 1st place, nasty ass

LMFAOwned 9

So, were they hairy?

mellovesyuh 0

lmfaooo prob the most action uve gottenn all yearr ;p be gratefull

burnt hairy meatballs

fckinbowdown 0

Damn #1 you are gorgeous. I just thought I'd let you know how beautiful you are :)

YDI for having to moisturize your dog's testicles because they got sunburnt.

psuboy 0

^^does this kid actually think he's funny?

KiddNYC1O 20

103- idk but almost everyone has told him off and is annoyed by it, but he seems to have too much pride for a lame act

eggjuggler 0

Agree with 62. People, please neuter your dogs. Pet overpopulation is really sad. That being said, I have a white poodle, so I know how easily a pink-skinned dog can get burned... which is exactly why i keep sunblock SPRAY and aloe SPRAY around. Seriously, look into it. No need to be rubbing things when you can take care of it with a spray bottle. I'm all for doing what's best for your dog, but umm... this really edges into weird territory.

FunnyWeasel 7

good luck with his dragonballs

indddygirll11 0

TaylorTotsYumm 10


YDI for not enjoying it


you didn't HAVE to you chose to and probably enjoyed could have taken him to the vet.

130 WINstiality :P btw it's bestiality not be'A'stiality

toaster468 0

ooooh me next!

PottentialFML 0

100 is an emo faggot who thinks he is funny

peanut12719 1

#1 I got one thing to say to u...DAMN!!!

jebby011 0

you would knowO.o

lucindo 0

I bet the dog loved it :P

dont have too much fun..

hobogirl 0

neuter him and you won't have to worry about it or the chance of him getting a bitch pregnant.

Brittney_E 0

how the hell....?!

kennylou lol catface

zach55 0

45 you mean get a bitch :)

mavericksurfer 0

you know you don't have to. it's a dog, they've got along pretty well for thousands of years without ball massages.

Rachalynia 0

81 If he was an excellent parent, the dog wouldn't have testicles.

I'm not sure what went on so I can't comment too much but surely you have some responsibility for this as it is your pet and surely you thought it was too hot for you dog?

FreshSalad 1

sounds fun!

twinny_sc 13

sounds fun for the dog.

lickmyjock 0

can you do mine next?

Crncj 0

the importance of subscreen

AsianCookie247 14

fucking gross.

iglesia 11

How did he even notice his dogs sunburned balls?

did he redrocket on you?

DanceJennyDance 1

Redrocket! redrocket xD

Deadpool jokes 10/10- ign Would play again

u like it~ lol jk

lol soo truuu

did we really need to know about this?? fyl and ydi at the same time:D

ArtIsResistance7 1

lol. It rubs the lotion on the skin... I bet your dog will never look at you the same.

mmmazingmary 0

:( haha that's why I only have girl dogs! it bad enough to have to rub your bf. let alone a dog

"its bad enough you have to rub your bf"?! If you actually care about them, you should like pleasuring your bf, maybe you should try girls...

That_Guy_Jake_JR 0

or me.

twinny_sc 13

9, if you don't like doing it then why do it?

she just wants to talk about herself doing sexual things for attention..... no offence, it's true haha.

LightningLadyy 0

I agree with #93, I was thinking that. But I mean it offensively.

ur fucking hot

I mean 56 ur really hot

I defiantley don't but thanks ur saying I can get with twenty eight different guys

Ohh shnap. He must have loved you for that one.