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Today, after applying sunscreen to myself every two hours, I still got sunburned. Through my clothes. FML
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yummayy_ 11

You are a little too pale to be going outside, huh? =P


you could like hide by standing up against a wall

UnicornPukePink 0

Hide it by standing by a wall? How do you even know where she was burnt?

There are only three ways I can see this happening. 1: Op is albino 2: Op is a ginger 3: Op is a shut-in WoW player who never leaves the basement

Or op is wearing clothes that are too thin and should probably have been wearing a ski jacket.

schmegsable 6
iluvboobies 9

OP, are you sure it was a sunscreen? Some suntan lotions intensify sun exposure. Are you sure you didn't buy that by mistake?

buy one of those shirts that you can swim with on and have built in sun protection.

I'm still convinced that what happened was the OP put sunscreen on and didn't burn where they had been applying it but instead burned through their clothes where sunscreen was NOT applied. since most clothes don't block the harmful rays from the sun very well.

iPoopMusic 0

That's why you make sure that you shop for clothes with at least spf 30. Common sense.

Dudelike89 8

65 - like a motherfucking runt

People, please read properly! OP clearly said that he/she got burnt through their clothes and NOT where they were applying sunscreen. And #2, it's people like you that make me wish there was a barrier which prevented people with an IQ of 10 or less from commenting on this site... it would be a much better place.

how do you know what spf clothes have? i've never seen it written on the label...

yummayy_ 11

You are a little too pale to be going outside, huh? =P

iSitt 0

thin summer clothes have low SPF

2ndSucks 15

Op must be albino. And dressed happily in their birthday suit.

#39.. Yes, spot on. To add to that most people only apply sunscreen to exposed skin and not all their skin which would be why OP burned under their clothes.

StudMuffinette 17
2ndSucks 15

I've never gotten sunburnt under my clothes and I'm outside all the time. Am I missing something here?

digibenho 0

op burned because he/she was too pale because he/she doesn't go outside enough because he/she is scared of the sun... Op is Awie from the Benchwarmers

we have souls they're just not useful for getting into heaven.

gingers would be good singers if they put their soul into it... oh wait

kisshu_fml 6

No op is lady gaga wearing a plastic wrap.

144, I'm a ginger too, and this is pretty funny. you just need to chill. And, 157, I see what you did there.

maybe you're just naturally red and swelly , I'd talk to a doctor about that cause it sounds scary!

Hector from Benchwarmers agrees. -hides in corner, eating sunblock-

I think it's Howie, not Hector. Either way, I love that guy. :)

Aaaahhhhh I knew it sounded wrong! -hides in shame- :(

Benchwarmers would totally suck without Howie...Just sayin'

91 - You were close enough, it was a funny reference nonetheless. :)

When you really think about it, it must suck to be a ginger

ThisRandomChild 0

We get more threesomes than anyone except blondes. Who sucks now?

Woooooo! Go blondes! We always know how to have more fun. ;)

ThisRandomChild 0

Thats because blondes are usually more slutty, 86.

Like, IM SO FREAKIN PISSED. You're making fun of blondes???? Like, OMG. IM ABOUT TO HAVE A BF. (bitchfit!!!!) Like, ughhh.

ThisRandomChild 0

Lol I hope no one takes you too seriously on that one, 171, cause I get the reference, and that was f**kin hilarious. No but seriously, us gingers rule. ^^

boohoo this isn't an fml at all. people fail to understand what kind of situations this site is meant for