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Today, I had to do community service work, so I helped out at a senior center. One of the confused elderly patients, who believed the Cold War was still on, thought I was a Soviet and started screaming about how I was going to nuke his country. FML
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USA! USA! U! S! A!!!!!! Did he try to radio General Patton with his shoe?


Threaten to nuke them unless they become your slaves. "In Soviet Russia, community serve YOU!"

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I totally would've played along

Maybe you feel it's fake because you secretly hate FML and enjoy getting reamed up the ass by a mod.

Yea 22 be careful. I said the same thing about an fml and got my shit pushed in by a mod. Pretty shitty considering I had no idea you couldn't comment about how you doubt the authenticity of an fml.

@22 - You haven't worked with elderly people who are suffering from mental deterioration then. I worked with an elderly woman who used to work with a pin-up artist and kept trying to convince me to pose as a model for the soldiers who were still at war. I was flattered and uncomfortable at the same time. I ended up letting her write down the artist's number so she would stop talking about it.

38- same thing happened to me! I called one fake and I hot shutdown for a few days!

At least he didn't ask for directions then push you into a bush.

**** your life, but even more, **** his. Those are just the effects of war (mixed with senility in his case). Support Our Troops

I was wondering more what OP had done that she HAD to do community service?

She might be a convict...or she might be in a club at her school that requires her to do community service, like a key club. I know at my school you have to do some form of community service as a senior in order to graduate.

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Don't be afraid to punch an old man in public hahaha

Fair answer #139 just me thinking the worst of somebody!

U look fat in that picture... And there was no fighting in the cold war...

My grandmother thought I was a Gestapo officer searching her house for "enemies of the state"... I'm always torn between explaining for the hundredth time it's not 1940 or just agreeing with her.

I didn't know they were still prosecuting commies?

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I shall if he doesn't become my slave for eternity and succumb to my world domination! Or....some banana pudding

Yea she has the Tzar just chilling in her living room

2, Being that they both obviously live in the same country I would say no.

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57 - I'm pretty sure the Soviets hated the Tsar, or they wouldn't have overthrown him :P

The only good communist is a dead communist!!!! AHHHH!!! In the future we will be saying: The only good bug is a dead bug!!!!! AHHH!! :D

USA! USA! U! S! A!!!!!! Did he try to radio General Patton with his shoe?

The reference is from Drake & Josh. I pity those who don't understand; your childhood must have been horrible.

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I knew it! That was my first guess but I wasn't quite sure.

i recognized your reference, and it made me laugh

I didn't get the reference but then again Drake and Josh premiered on Nickelodeon in 2004 and I graduated high school in 2005. That show wasn't around for my childhood. I watched things like Roundhouse, Clarissa Explains it All, and All That.

How could you not like Drake and Josh?? It's the best (:

I thought the same exact thing when I read this!!!:D

I began laughing alone in my house when I read that :)

Anyone remember the Good-burger and the Amanda show. Everything on now; it's like their on crack. This next generation sounds frightening.

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Welcome to good-burger, home of the good-burger, can I take your order?

Probably the funniest thing I've heard all week.

I agree completely, shows today suck. Bring me back my courage the cowardly dog.

Answering to your profile, when life gives you lemons, give life the lemons back. Or better yet, make combustible lemons and burn its house down.

Or you could throw them back and demand candy, which is what I do. :3

I can't wait til I have Alzheimer's. Seriously I can't.

You might forget about that tattoo on your lip. Had to do it sowry:(

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I understand the brain rotting disease, which makes you occasionally forget your family and your life, may seem fabulous and a good ******* time, but you will just have to wait your turn. wait, what ?

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I'm guessing 6 was only kidding.

It's proof that mind and soul is not a permanent existence.

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Damn commies, back in my day we could get soda pop for a nickel ... (Babbles on with meaningless rant)

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I have a question, why the hell are you asking me, where in my post does it say OP? Google it! (rant over)

Back in my day we always won the war. Oh wait. We still do.

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GoW_chick, you old people are so funny! I love how you ramble on about your Victrolas, Bryl-Creem and Sasparilla! Did your grandchild put your rant on the FML Internet World Wide Web web site for you? Stay crusty!

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Octagonal Penis. It's a rare medical condition. I think you can guess what it's like.

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OP is an abbreviation for original poster, which is the person who wrote the FML.

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Probably because you're controlling his every move. Ease off the old guy. If he wants to run around naked playing putt-putt with his dong you shouldn't stand in his way.

Weird how you know exactly what I do in my spare time...

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I thought "nuking his country" was old man code for a hand job.

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That's what I as a German have to hear pretty much everyday. Hey what's up nazi. Kill any Jews yet? Wtf is that all about? Germany equals hitler and killing Jews? I don't think so. I feel sorry for you op.

Same. And when I call them racist, they ask why. The nerve of it all.... :/

I always equate Germany with Volkswagen. Gotta love German engineering.

Is German a race? I just thought it was a nationality.

Yeah, being German, I had to deal with bullshit like that for the longest time. Apparently, some people think it makes good fodder for a joke. Damn sick "jokes" if you ask me.

Same thing happened to my grampa, but he starts throwing potatoes and takes his pants off....

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So.... Did you join in? Sounds fun

Unfortunately no, I was too busy getting potatoes thrown at me and getting yelled at in German.

He sounds like a true Irishman to me!!! Potatoes!!!!

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35- an Irishman who yells in German? impressive

I mean I spend all day begging for money, but damn you would take advantage of an elderly person like that?