By communistgirl - United States
Today, I had to do community service work, so I helped out at a senior center. One of the confused elderly patients, who believed the Cold War was still on, thought I was a Soviet and started screaming about how I was going to nuke his country. FML
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  BeefyQueef  |  5

Yea 22 be careful. I said the same thing about an fml and got my shit pushed in by a mod. Pretty shitty considering I had no idea you couldn't comment about how you doubt the authenticity of an fml.

  AmbrosiaWriter  |  17

@22 - You haven't worked with elderly people who are suffering from mental deterioration then. I worked with an elderly woman who used to work with a pin-up artist and kept trying to convince me to pose as a model for the soldiers who were still at war.

I was flattered and uncomfortable at the same time. I ended up letting her write down the artist's number so she would stop talking about it.


She might be a convict...or she might be in a club at her school that requires her to do community service, like a key club. I know at my school you have to do some form of community service as a senior in order to graduate.

  primadonna9396  |  16

My grandmother thought I was a Gestapo officer searching her house for "enemies of the state"... I'm always torn between explaining for the hundredth time it's not 1940 or just agreeing with her.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

I didn't get the reference but then again Drake and Josh premiered on Nickelodeon in 2004 and I graduated high school in 2005. That show wasn't around for my childhood. I watched things like Roundhouse, Clarissa Explains it All, and All That.

  uprising_fml  |  0

I understand the brain rotting disease, which makes you occasionally forget your family and your life, may seem fabulous and a good fucking time, but you will just have to wait your turn.

wait, what ?

  perdix  |  29

GoW_chick, you old people are so funny!

I love how you ramble on about your Victrolas, Bryl-Creem and Sasparilla! Did your grandchild put your rant on the FML Internet World Wide Web web site for you?

Stay crusty!

By  DanLikesDodge  |  5

That's what I as a German have to hear pretty much everyday. Hey what's up nazi. Kill any Jews yet? Wtf is that all about? Germany equals hitler and killing Jews? I don't think so. I feel sorry for you op.

  nissanman_fml  |  16

Yeah, being German, I had to deal with bullshit like that for the longest time. Apparently, some people think it makes good fodder for a joke. Damn sick "jokes" if you ask me.