By veggieluver - 16/01/2013 00:58 - United States - Scarsdale

Today, my grandfather asked me why the broccoli I served for dinner was white. I told him it was cauliflower. He would't believe me, accused me of being a Russian spy, and stormed out. FML
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FYL for being found out and having to terminate the operation.

Whatever, more cauliflower for you.


Whatever, more cauliflower for you.

Op, you deserved it for serving tasteless cauliflower over the greatest vegetable of all: Broccoli.

OP better be Russian his ass away from his grandfather!

Whatever. More farts for you!

Commie bastards, all y'all. This is 'Murica.

No, this is Patrick!

Hehehe, psst, hey, Patrick. What's funnier than 24?

Sorry, comment denied It would only work if 54 was 24 or 25

FYL for being found out and having to terminate the operation.

....I'll bet veggieluver isn't even her real NAME.

I heard that failing disguised operations in Russia can have some severe punishments. Gl OP

In Soviet Russia, broccoli is white.

Actually it's more of a YDI. How could you blow your cover? Pay for your mistakes.

Should've just told him it was an albino broccoli... :-)

Then he would have accused her of being a Russian scientist.

You better sleep with one eye open. Gramps just might try to be an American hero and kill the Russian spy.

In Russia everyone is a spy but in america my friends everyone is a superhero.

50, learn to grammar.

-76 I think YOU should learn your grammar. You should have said: "try to use a higher level if vocabulary"

Kgb making white broccoli since the 20th century

Russian spy's they steal the colour off your broccoli!


Yes, it was Bunnicula! Cutest vampire story I ever read :P

You can't just go around and ask veggies why they're white..

mean girls!!!!

I thought the whole Russian spy thing with the elderly was just a myth... Guess not.

So when we get old and kids like you are around they will think 9/11 was a myth to.

Who believes that 9/11 was a myth??? We all watched it happen. The twin towers are gone. We know who did it... People died... My dad helped the morgue gather the bodies and identify people and stuff, i think. He was an officer there at the time... Really?!??

Don't get too far down that road. The theories are based in a vehement hate for George Bush, Dick Cheney and the values system they represent. Political arguments never end well on fml.

There's video footage of the planes crashing as idiotic as George bush was theres no way you can dispute the fact that al-queda hijacked four planes and crashed them into the pentagon, twin towers, and a field.

Some people believe there were bombs in the towers and that the planes crashing into them was a cover to excuse their collapse. But that doesn't explain the planes that hit the Pentagon and crashed into the field in Pennsylvania. I'm no scientist, but I have every reason to believe that it was structural failure that brought the towers down. And if GWB and Cheney were guilty of anything, it's negligence.

I could imagine OP diving under the table shouting 'The target has found out about Mission: Cauliflower! Abort abort!'

someone must have shoved a bottle of vodka on his ass and consequently he lost his mind..

Well your comment seems to tell me it's not him who lost his mind here....

o really..but how is that possible, OP has never mentioned about you i guess... lolz

13 does some some sense, of a little obscure. Putting alcohol up your ass can lead to it going straight into your blood stream, bypassing your liver. This gets you immediately drunk, and can be fatal.