By leigh2812 - France
Today, I was watching Free Willy with my boyfriend. It was at the part where the boy leaned into the water to give Willy a hug. I asked, "How do you even hug a whale?" My boyfriend rolled over and gave me a hug, and said, "Like this." FML
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  jtm1991  |  0

It's amazing how bitchy you people are. The purpose of FML is to find HUMOR in our lives; including the unpleasant moments. I applaude the boyfriend for being comfortable enough around her to TEASE her. Get a sense of humor and pull the stick out!

  jhon316  |  0

ok so I did this to be at the top or ppl o se. idky girls are so dramatic and take things offensive like hat he probably ment was this is how to hug a whale like a regular hug well unless you a fat ass but still irks take everything wrong thank god I'm gay

  Lord_of_0  |  4

Although, there again you could just be assuming that she's taking it seriously because this is on FML. Although, as you said, the purpose is to find humour in bad parts of our lives.

Might this be what the OP felt about the issue? She was probably amused by the joke, but insulted.

  Miss_Jeannie  |  0

"I dont think he was commenting on her weight but rather that you hug a whale the same way you hug anything put your arms around it and squeeze."

That's exactly how I interpreted it. I think the OP is just a little too sensitive. Only someone who has extremely low self-esteem would see that as an attack on their weight, honestly. I don't have the greatest self-esteem and I still didn't interpret it as "omg you're such a whale!"

  Mustardnight  |  3

I know no emotion. I am a vampire with 10 abs and cannot make jokes, i am sworn to protect my loved one *insert prepubescent high school girl name here*. I am sworn to having lots and lots of money without actually doing anything to earn it. I possibly live in a small town or otherwise the OC.

I am:

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