By davidthegreat - 05/07/2011 08:27 - Japan

Today, I had to come to terms with the fact that I'm getting older because my pubic hair is turning white. FML
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if u dye it, dye it green then make it into a little mohawk. ;)


If it's that much of a problem, just dye it.

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Assuming OP isn't a **** star, WHY would he dye his pubic hair??

To make himself feel better about his aging situation.

if u dye it, dye it green then make it into a little mohawk. ;)

if op was a **** star he would most likely shave it. and look on the bright side OP. now during sex you can roleplay as Santa while playing "I saw mommy kissing Santa claus" and tell your special someone to slide down your chimney and get all covered in soot. I'm actually kinda jealous.

Just give it time 23 and that will be you in that scenario! lol

No you just think it's turning white. It's actually your huge load from your rigorous masturbating.

After a certain age, shaving off ALL of your pubic hair is overkill. Can you imagine your grandfather taking a razor to his crotch? Not saying the OP is quite that old yet, but still, I think if I was an old lady hankering after an old man's penis, I'd prefer him not to have shaved the area completely. Hide the wrinkles!

I see a new line of Just For Men products in the near future.

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My pubes are a 2 tone color. purple and blue... just depends on how the angle is and the sun what color you'll get.

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Purple and Blue?????!!!! I hope there's no waffles involved.

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no 74 it's purple an blue because he jacks off too hard for too long and it started changing the color of his pubes

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There are always waffles involved

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I really hate it how some guys can't take the time to shave or at the very least trim that one thing when girls shave like 3/4 places. Op, just try shaving, not a big deal.

2 - What if he did shave it, but the stubble was growing in white?

No worries OP... It's not like anyone is going to see it anyways...

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88 - you're 14... Who's penis are you looking at your dads or brothers... weird neighbor rocking out to strobe lights?

KingGeorgeGal, I've never known a girl to shave three fourths of her legs. Is this a new fad? And I'd imagine that many guys would shave and/or trim "that one thing" if their partner asked them to.

What are the 4 places? And yess you must always shave...

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Wait why don't girls like pubes?

I imagine 88 means arms, legs, pits, and pubs.

#88 Ummm, that one thing being the entire bottom half of their face?

111 - Most people don't shave their arms.

It's for oral. Learn something new everyday.

Ice-crotch FTW!!! Like a fire-crotch except it's white!

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I never said I looked at guys dicks I said it pisses me off how some guys don't take the time to shave.

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so if you're not looking at dicks why do you care?

149- If you aren't looking at or interacting with any dicks, it shouldn't bother you.

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youre not old, youre "experienced".

88 - OP's from Japan. Most Asians don't shave, or at least the ones in **** don't lol. They're cool like that, so who are you to judge? :)

mmmmm. the only thing hotter than pubic hair: white pubic hair

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I suppose you like men with 1 ******** too huh?

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pretty sure 3 was being sarcastic.

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37: I'm pretty sure 28 was just kidding.

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90: pretty sure 37's comment was meant for #3

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127: I'm pretty sure 37's comment was for 25 not 3

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I'm pretty sure I just farted.

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Maybe someone bleached it.

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No you're wrong. He ate a grape and Jizzed In His Pants.

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I suppose you like men with 1 ********.

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Sorry, looked at the wrong negative comment. Won't happen again.

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you stupid fucktard, he said he was getting older.

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My husband has white pubic hair and has had it since he was 16. Don't worry about it OP I'm sure no one is actually looking that close. Especially if they are down there.

I'm 15 and already have some gray hair and some gray pubes

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81, OP is openly talking about his pubic hair, xe asked his age and you think that's too personal? I think being too personal was demolished by OP's story.

I don't think that matters anymore. for gods sake he just told us what color his pubic hair is.

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81- I could say I scraped out my bowels with a pitchfork and put the bowels in a blender and put it in someones smoothies and I would still get applauded. many wouldn't even care! so I would get the **** out if I were you, because you won't last any longer anyway...

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6 - It's FML, dumbshit. This FML would've been bashed more than your stupid ass comment if it stayed within your imaginary boundaries of what's acceptable or not. Byyy the wayyy, do yyyou have ******* text-stutter or something?

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sorry. didn't mean to get murdered...just commenting:(

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your picture makes your comment that much funnier (;

did i get 2 thumbs down for my grammatical error ?

Imagine all the benefits that Senior Citizens Have :)

top 15 sweet that's pretty weird but I say shave and ignoring it