By hahahawoww - 31/01/2010 00:32 - United States

Today, I discovered that my best friend of 3 years has me in her phone as "Stupid Bitch". FML
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Actually, on the contrary, I think OP deserved it for not being able to tell apart her friends. I mean if she is actually bitchy enough to put that, then surely you must have known. :)

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Wow. I'd put her in my phone as something worse! In Aussie, people get killled for stuff like this.

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How did OP find out about it anyway? Probs by snooping in her phone...

lmao win 1!!! an I have a friend whose friend made her "best bitch ever" on her phone!!!!

OP ur probably overreacting because i have my friends name as a "*****" but i love her a lot. She might not mean it:/

Yeah OP, I agree with 111. Your friend probably just did that as a joke. I know girls who call their BFFs every bad name out there. Don't take it personally

Maybe OP pissed her off. I change the contact names when I'm mad at someone, it helps with anger management.

maybe she's calling her that in an affectionate way. I know a lit of girls who are close friends and call each other a **** and all that. don't be so damn sensitive

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My friends and I call each other bitch, *****, ****, or **** for fun. :p And no, we are all still virgins. Try calling her Useless Tool? :D

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best friend? coulda been a gag joke... albiet an offensive one

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What is wrong with the word "albeit"?

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Confirmed. I'm sorry you got owned.

YDI for thinking that she's your bestie... Though she's an arse, you still gotta keep your eyes open and stop being shallow-minded.