By hahahawoww - 31/01/2010 00:32 - United States

Today, I discovered that my best friend of 3 years has me in her phone as "Stupid Bitch". FML
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what a stupid bitch

that isn't a good friend 


well try been less bitchy to her

Actually, on the contrary, I think OP deserved it for not being able to tell apart her friends. I mean if she is actually bitchy enough to put that, then surely you must have known. :)

ur such an as* to the op

Wow. I'd put her in my phone as something worse! In Aussie, people get killled for stuff like this.

really... that's scary

How did OP find out about it anyway? Probs by snooping in her phone...

awww poor op! that sux!

lmao win 1!!! an I have a friend whose friend made her "best bitch ever" on her phone!!!!

OP ur probably overreacting because i have my friends name as a "whore" but i love her a lot. She might not mean it:/

Yeah OP, I agree with 111. Your friend probably just did that as a joke. I know girls who call their BFFs every bad name out there. Don't take it personally

Maybe OP pissed her off. I change the contact names when I'm mad at someone, it helps with anger management.

that isn't a good friend 

maybe she's calling her that in an affectionate way. I know a lit of girls who are close friends and call each other a slut and all that. don't be so damn sensitive

My friends and I call each other bitch, whore, cunt, or slut for fun. :p And no, we are all still virgins. Try calling her Useless Tool? :D

what a stupid bitch

In the NICEST way possible I would imagine!

lmaoo she hates Yuh dat much

best friend? coulda been a gag joke... albiet an offensive one

Albeit.... Illiterates these days

What is wrong with the word "albeit"?

Confirmed. I'm sorry you got owned.

YDI for thinking that she's your bestie... Though she's an arse, you still gotta keep your eyes open and stop being shallow-minded.