Underage boozing

By drunk under 18 teenager - 19/08/2014 13:37 - Morocco - Marrakech

Today, I was hammered, and on my way home I walked into a policeman. My logic was, if I'm on the phone, he can't talk to me, so I pulled my phone out and started speaking. The officer then asked me why I was speaking to my wallet. FML
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he was just telling his money to get ready to bail him out

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well, where i live you can drink whenever you like, even if you are 13 or so, so just think that not all is like in america...

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due to the username, I was thinking they should be 18 to drink where OP lives?

I lived in Morocco for a few months last year and you have to be 16 to buy alcohol, but as far as I was made aware there is no distinguishable minimum age for drinking it.

Can't say much cuz I 1st passed out when I was 9yo, but it doesn't matter which age you start drinking as long as you stick to your limits and being able to handle yourself in my opinion, so it's a win win for both yourself and others around you..

Llama_Face89 33

OP us from Morocco. No age limit there.

#49... you said you first passed out at 9... but it's ok cause you know your limits? Hmm...

lordlekal 17

Sept the legal drinking age in Morocco is 18.

I've never drunk underage (or at all actually I tried a swig of Miller once but I ended up spitting it out) and there is a reason that law is there. Under the age of 21 or so the human brain is still under development. You then drink alcohol which has a direct and heavy effect on the perception and inhibitions of the brain. This CAN have negative effects on growth of the brain. The law isn't there because stick in the mud politicians put it there, its for your own freaking health.

still stupid to get drunk at that age. The reason other countries have laws is because of the immaturity of children (1-20ish). Honestly, I think 21 is too low for most people lol. Age isnt a good way to determine things, but science cant judge someones maturity so it's the best we can do right now without making it require a drinking license like driving a car. Though that test should be harder too....seeing how many idiots are on the road.

#98 well i didnt know what would've happened to me if i drink couple of wine glasses back then. But after that to this day I've never passed out nor puked :P.. I admit drinking is not essential to have fun but to those people who think it is, to those whom I said have limits so others won't have to drag them home nor he has to be embarrassed infront of others to let them drag him home or do something stupid in public. that's the win win I suggested..

#41 morocoo (aouto correct keeps spelling it different)

I can't feel sorry for you. I didn't touch alcohol until I was 21 because I never saw the draw. I had a huge 21st birthday bash with all the alcohol I could want, drank socially for a couple years, and gave it up by the time I was 23. At 25, I have the occasional glass of wine and that's it. My life is still really fun...alcohol isn't necessary to have a good time and if you're going to drink and you're underage, you assume all the risks involved.

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its not preaching. some people are just not into alcohol like others.

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It is perfectly reasonable to "condemn" someone for doing something illegal. Its illegal for a reason.

kinky, do what your profile pic says you ignorant ****. "it must be illegal for a reason"

JMichael 25

I wouldn't say it's preaching. OP has every right to do what he wants. It's on him to suffer the consequences if he's being stupid about it. #4 is merely stating that she was able to have a fun life without drinking alcohol. She's not telling OP he shouldn't do it, but that he accepts the risks involved with underage drinking.

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Everyone needs to chill out and have a drink. This round is on me, folks.

kingdomgirl94 29

Actually, it IS illegal for a reason under a certain age. Are you some conspiracy theorist who thinks the government is against teens drinking because its fun? Alcohol is dangerous for young people because it damages the brain, and when its consumed by people who's brains are still developing (Teens brains are rapidly developing, especially in problem solving and decision making), so the alcohol actually hinders this brain development. Not only that, but because these sections of the brain aren't fully developed, a drunk teenager will make even poorer choices than an equally drunk adult. Long story short, it is illegal for a reason, and its a pretty good one.

Then why do different countries have different age limits? In some countries you can be 12 and order a beer. USA is 21, most of Canada is 19 and some Provinces are actually 18. I've been drinking since I was 17, it doesn't make me an outlaw or an idiot. Ya I went to a lot of parties but it never stopped me from succeeding career and smarts wise.

Wow that got off topic really fast. Can we all rewind a bit and laugh a little that op whispered sweet nothings to a wallet?

I find it odd that you jump straight to "conspiracy theorist." I'll just make a counterpoint #42. Why is America, a country with some of the strictest drinking laws, always at the top of the list when it comes to alcohol related incidents. ARI's aren't near as much of an issue in countries where the drinking age is 16. Sure you can say it's cultural or societal more than about just the law, but the point still remains. PS "Cthulhu made me do it." Or to be more on topic and still be a conspiracy theory "Cthulhu was actually talking to OP through his wallet."

Which is exactly why it's been legal for centuries if not eons in other parts of the western world besides the US #42. (This turned into more of a rant than I meant for it to be) Alcohol only damages the brain to the extent it damages the rest of the body (except the liver). By oxygen deprivation. The idea that alcohol kills your brain cells is a myth. It doesn't kill them. It just takes away the oxygen temporarily. Effectively shutting them off temporarily. If you keep them shut off by long term sustained ingestion of course they can be damaged but it's about moderation. If you ingest too much alcohol for your liver to process you get alcohol poisoning, and even if you're lucky enough to avoid that high usage over time can cause liver failure; but scientific studies show moderate amounts of alcohol that don't overload your systems and deprive your brain of oxygen (the only real reason alcohol has an effect on behavior) are actually healthy for you, especially in terms of cardiovascular health. There's a reason it was water into wine, not water into grape juice. The reason it's illegal below a certain age is because a bunch of housewives in the early 20th century decided they were tired of being beat by their drunk husbands and after a bit of political activism and religious rhetoric viola: prohibition. After making it illegal for everyone just didn't work the people in power found a compromise and made it where only "kids" under 18 couldn't drink. Then, in modern times, the age has gone up to 21 because of political activism from Mothers Against Drunk Driving who decided that instead of facing the idea that any blame could be on them for their tragedies that alcohol was the culprit. Alcohol can be a bad thing yes. A lot of people have a problem with it. Beating your wives is bad and no one wants dead kids. But a little responsibility, and teaching your kids the same, can be as effective if not more so than criminalizing something that is healthy in moderation. Is that gonna stop every crazy drunk that gets behind the wheel when they shouldn't? Hell no. But in my view alcoholism, drunk driving, angry drinking, etc. is a sickness. You treat a sickness with medicine, not by making it illegal and hoping it will go away. Criminalization hasn't worked with pot. Prohibition didn't work with alcohol; but while we're going after the "killers" here why hasn't anyone gone after the only legitimate 100% killer: tobacco products? -rant over- #42 do us a favor and read a history book or a scientific report every now and then instead of just believing the people in power are right cause they say so.

#55, what an amazing comment. Eloquent and absolutely dead-on. Bravo to you, sir!

I've always wondered why tobacco products aren't illegal when it's a known killer. It makes company, but so would pot, which doesn't kill people slowly.

The problem with drinking isn't the alcohol itself, it's that the majority of people abuse it and use it to get drunk, which unfortunately affects their thinking and they do stupid things they wouldn't do sober. The fact is that alcohol does affect how people think when they are drunk and they make bad decisions they wouldn't normally make. And to make matters worse, most then blame their actions on the alcohol as if they are no longer responsible for the stupid decisions they made while drunk. Things like beating a spouse or driving drunk or cheating on a significant other, are all examples of these stupid decisions and unfortunately a lot of those decisions often hurt other people and in some cases affect others for the rest of their life. So some of you are right in saying that alcohol isn't bad, however unfortunately most people abuse it by purposely trying to get drunk which then, factually, affects their bodies and minds. Although there are some that don't, I'd say at least half, if not more, of the people that drink like to get drunk from the alcohol and therefore are in fact abusing it. So don't blame the "political women" or the "mothers against drunk driving" who have tried to affect the laws and prevent people from using the substance that has affected someone and killed their family member or whatever else. And let's remember that often it is the underage that tend to use the alcohol to get drunk at parties and don't use it in moderation.

tony1891 22

#55 this is for comments Only. not to write a book.

I did a study on this at school and in most countries, governments rake in a massive profit from tax and the general purchase of cigarettes so they just don't want to criminalize it because they'd lose hundreds of dollars

Alcohol is 100% toxic to the human body. The only reason you live through it is these little things in cells called peroxisomes. Using complicated chemical rxns that i wont explain they turn alcohol into water. When a person drinks more alcohol than the peroxisomes can handle the cells start to die off. When this happens in brain cells it impares the brain's ability to function correctly and can cause brain damage or death. So yeah drinking alcohol is bad, but i have done it myself and dont condem others who drink within reason.

#69 I gave your comment a thumbs down; not because you disagree with me (you have a right to your own opinion after all) but because you need to think about what you're saying, and then check the statistics (and if you really think I'm just laying blame read a history book), and then re-read my comment. I disagree with alcohol abuse as much as you do. I said as much in my comment. Drinking alcohol for it's intended use however is not abuse. Using alcohol as an excuse for stupidity is not acceptable ever, and I'm not arguing that it's should be, but that ties back in to what I said about responsibility. Some people just don't have it, but punish them for that; don't punish the rest of us.

public beheadings after your 3rd dui charge!!!!!!!

Just want to add another something to these comments. Most of us commenting are from the USA, so we don't understand how law works in different places. I was (un)lucky enough to see it in many countries in the military and have since traveled to other places. Most countries don't even enforce their drinking under the age laws unless someone is causing issues. They almost run on an honor system where until your behavior has caused people to question your age you are allowed to drink.

93 the original use of alcohol was as a safe and clean source of fluid back in the dark ages. Now with high tech water filtration systems alcohol shouldnt be needed. its use now is recreational.

This FML is going to get locked down pretty soon..

sooo I'm from Australia and our drinking age is 18. The police aren't really that tough on us either :/ I rarely drink now and I'm 21 but thats just me. I started at the age of 16 and I am very successful and educated. I think it depends on the individual and the choices/life they want.

kingdomgirl94 29

The point I care most about is everyone assuming I'm American. (what the ****?) I'm Canadian, and while the drinking laws are different than in the US, I think they're good to have in place still. I've seen my share of idiotic friends drink and I've seen the affect it has on them. No, making it illegal isn't changing much, but making it legal for under aged idiots to get their hands on it won't help either. The reason I described is the reason why children shouldn't drink; stop acting like everything the government does is for evil reasons, being anti government is only trendy online. Yes I know about prohibition, and I have actively studied history, but this was also around the time that people started deeply studying the brain as well, and it came out that by inhibiting the neutron receptors in parts of the brain, they can actually cause permanent damage in a non-fully developed brain (see fetal alcohol syndrome, similar concept, different extent). Correlation does not equal causation. Yes the laws came into affect after prohibition failed, no they did no come into affect BECAUSE prohibition failed. Im not saying a glass of wine with your parents will **** you up, but if you're out partying and drinking all the time, you can say goodbye to the receptors in your brain.

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I'm sorry but I wish I could've seen that. That must've looked really funny! What is the drinking age in morocco?

triplebeerox 27

And is it even legal to drink alcohol in Morocco? I thought alcohol was prohibited in Muslim countries.

Not everyone is Muslim in Morocco. Islam is just the predominant religion.

triplebeerox 27

Yes, I know Muslim is the predominant religion in Morocco. I asked about the alcohol because sometimes when a religion is predominant in a country, the government makes secular laws that are in reality religious. For example, divorce was illegal in Italy for many years because Catholicism taught it was wrong.

Okay next time be more clear because that was a really ignorant comment. Muslim and Islam aren't interchangeable by the way. Islam is the religion and Muslims are the followers.

Finally 92 someone else knows the difference on here, I've seen so many comments about the "Muslim religion" it gets annoying

The Muslim religion is a correct way to say it. It basically means the religion of Muslims and would work as a substitute if one was draw a blank on the name of that religion, Islam.

Drinking underage? Public intoxication? You deserve it. I hope the policeman scares you straight and hopefully you've learnt something from this.

I just looked it up, you can buy alcohol in marocco when you're 16, and you can drink at every age. They don't have a law for that.

At least he chose to walk home instead of driving... in my mind that's the responsible choice.

Unfortunatly for him, being intoxicatic in public or drinking in public is a problem. So he probably got a fine for that.

askullnamedbilly 33

Not every country fines people for being intoxicated in public. They might if you're creating a disturbance, but that'll get you a fine even when you're completely sober. Honestly, I think fining people for being drunk in public is stupid as hell. We certainly don't want them to drive and a lot of cabs won't take them, so how are all those drunk people going to get home without doing something illegal?

Wow you sound really cool. Can I be just like you?

You shouldn't be drinking until you are of legal age. YDI.

Depending which country he maybe legal age.

Aaand if I'm correct you can DRINK under 21 in US, you just can't buy it. I know here at least I can drink, just can't buy it or obviously drink in public, which is a crime.

You can only drink at home in America under 21. Even then it's still illegal but who's really going to knock on your door when your drinking a beer with your family, unless you get wasted and make a ruckus of course.

Thanks for clearing it, and oh damn I feel so thuggy now.

You broke about 3 laws at once. You definitely deserve it.

Shouldn't you look up what the actual laws are in op's country before commenting like that? Since we don't know op's actual age, we also don't know if op is of legal age. You can buy alcohol from 16 in Morocco and there is no law stating from what age you can drink it.