By nextstopplz - New Zealand
Today, I was at a window seat on a bus full of people when I saw a person lying motionless in a gutter. I jumped up, nearly hysterical, screaming for the driver to stop because there was a guy really hurt on the road. An emergency stop and huge commotion ensued. It turned out to be some garbage. FML
nextstopplz tells us more :
haha wow there are some a*holes out there. actually I have very good vision and i am not intellectually stupid thanks... i was in a moving bus and it wasnt a garbage CAN.... i dont think people come in that shape, but a big bag of garbage that had split and stuff had come out and around the bag.. yeah. maybe next time this happens it will be one of the a*holes that commented on this lying in the gutter and i will remain silent. HAHA!
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How many of these posters are on hard drugs? Geez everyone said this was done a little while ago. Best thing is to make sure it's a person so you don't look like an ass and get embarassed from the outcome... YDI