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By  24788  |  6

HAHA, I think they call that a catch-22?

Cops fucked you over. I'm sure you could try to explain it and get out of the ticket. It's hard though since cops can lie if they don't like you. Cops are honest 75%+ of the time though.

By  The_Great_Zucchi  |  14

How is this an FML? You broke the rules and got a ticket. Research shows that people using their cellphones while driving are only slightly less dangerous than drunk drivers.

If you're going to do it anyway, get a decent headset or handsfree kit. That way you'll at least see where you are going.

  allisadawn91  |  8

Actually if you did your research. The stats are flawed. If you look at a credited study, there is no indication that talking on the cell phone is related to car accidents.

By  Diabeetus  |  0

That's a retarded law because it's still legal to talk with bluetooth. Crashes caused by people on phones aren't caused by a hand off the wheel, they're caused because the driver is focusing more on the conversation than on driving. Either make it illegal to talk while driving regardless of whether or not you're using bluetooth or just scrap the law.

By  enChanced  |  0

To number five. Only and idiot can't talk on their phones and drive. If all your doing is getting out the important info and not having a conversation. Holding your phone to your ear is not the problem, its letting yourself get distracted, the same way people let themselves become distracted by changing a CD, or by having someone else in the car.

I see people driving terribly all the time with that stupid blue tooth in their ear. If your able to keep yourself concentrated on the road, talking on your cell phone to report something, or even just to get some important information like where your going or who to pick up its not a problem.

The problem is stupid people who are easily distracted.