By Anonymous - 14/02/2012 05:24 - United States

Today, I received an e-mail from my girlfriend's parents telling me that all the dirty e-mails I've been sending to her while she is away have been accessible by the whole family. FML
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iamray 2

did they enjoy them?

Buttsexpirate 9

"Well when I said that I was gonna stick my ding dong in her hoo-hah Mr. OP's girlfriend's dad, I meant that I was gonna show her some cool party tricks with hostess cakes!"


iamray 2

did they enjoy them?

Probably not... At least it went that way. Instead of OP's mom finding em and liking em. It could have gone a very, very awkward/disturbing/awesome other route.

Fun for the whole family!

What's wrong with texting and/or facebooking each other? I didnt think people still send emails besides for business related purposes. Especially among teens.

Hey 14, Liverpool sucks!

Well dude its their wish that how they wanna communicate... However y the hell email is accessible by whole family, its weird danqqq

Llama_Face89 33

Ouch. Didn't see that one coming did you? Hopefully they still let you see her.

I'm sure they'll understand. Because they probably did it when they were young and dating ;) lol

perdix 29

There wasn't e-mail when they were young and dating! They may have sent dirty faxes, or, you are not going to believe this: they may have written dirty thoughts on a sheet of paper with a "pen" or a "pencil." That's the way we did it, old school!

Actually old school would have been with a feather and a bottle of ink. And a sheet of parchment. :) Although I doubt her parents would've used that, obviously...

You never checked that it was her personal email? And she never told you it was shared? 0__o

Yeah that's a weird one. Did he send dirty ones before she went away too? Who doesn't have a personal private email these days anyway?

20 - a lot of people...

Maybe it was her personal email but she just has a nosy family.

I just hope there weren't any pictures...

markrs 0

What would be worst is if the family responded back to him and he enjoyed it O.o "Hey ma! Read what OP's bf sent!" *glances over* "Tell him he better ride my vajayjay like a rollercoaster and show me tricks the kids are doing these days..."

Buttsexpirate 9

"Well when I said that I was gonna stick my ding dong in her hoo-hah Mr. OP's girlfriend's dad, I meant that I was gonna show her some cool party tricks with hostess cakes!"

what a filthy email at least he didn't say he wanted to smooch her no-no area

TDD228 2

Well that blows.

imababeee 0

Keep it in your pants boy!

What else is he supposed to do?

Mister_Triangle 21

He can not send dirty emails. Who the **** does that anyways?

your so cute ^-^ rawrrr

Don't send things you don't want to be seen.

kind of strange. who shares an email address? since dial up at least....

Also,who uses email to communicate with their significant other?

MerrikBarbarian 9

I dunno. I don't share an email, but I may end up sharing a Facebook with my mom since we both hate Facebook and don't want people contacting us there. We just want to use it enough to collect photos people send us. By sharing it it dissuades most from contacting us directly on Facebook, instead needing to use the email requested to reach us privately. Maybe op doesn't like email and prefers phones... Or op could just have a super nosy family.

chelledlollie95 0

Haha I used to all the time, but now I give my #. That makes a whole lot more since.

This reminds me of the family guy scene with Morgan Freeman's voice. "Like a Twinkie. Like a Twinkie."

Also, the scene where the family reads Meg's diary.

That's hot. What's whole family? ..aunts, uncles, cousins, or just her parents/siblings? ..either way, damn son. Good luck, I wish you the best!