By zefronke8 - United States - Woodside
Today, I found out that I wasn't going to be a father. My best friend is going to be the father to my girlfriend's child, though. FML
zefronke8 tells us more :
Okay guys, here's the story: my girlfriend and I were together for nearly two years, and one day she told me she was pregnant. I didn't know how to react at first, but I eventually came to terms with it and became excited for my son. Fast forward three months: my girlfriend is obviously pregnant now, and I was out drinking with my best friend. We took a great picture together in the bar to celebrate this great moment in my life, and then I asked him to send it me. That's when I saw the pictures of my girlfriend in a recent conversation. I confronted her, and found out that she had been sleeping with him, took the test, and it's his. I broke up with her and stopped talking to my ex friend.
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  jessmonkey  |  15

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  cj89898  |  24

#49 I can't even wrap my head around how stupid you sound. I wasn't saying a glock was a bullet... It is a gun. And so is a .50 Cal. Barrett .50 Cal.

  Sandman0351  |  13

Actually. A 50 cal is not a type of gun. It is a caliber. Thank you very fucking much. As for glock, glocks are most commonly known for Handguns. 9mm .40 and some 45s. When i seen he said glock I instantly thought 9mm Considering thats the most common. I agree he should not have said glock. But for your comment saying 50 cal is a gun, No its a caliber. Good day.

  cj89898  |  24

#86 I was shortening Barret .50 Cal. As where I speak of guns with my friends, we just say .50 Cal. I was also shortening Glock from Glock-18. That's why I said it was a gun. Just because it is a habit of mine

By  muffledpotato  |  17

Don't think about it too much Op. This really does seem like a disappointment now, but think, would you really want someone who was a cheater and lied to be the mother of your children? Hopefully you either ended it, of you can work through it. Best of luck!

  Miss_Whipped  |  43

Tell me I'm fucking wrong, FML community. Please.

You have OP, who is being cheated on with his best friend. Would you want to be the father of a kid whose mother is a selfish cheater, and with his supposed best friend? Goddamn downvotes. #4 said the same thing I did and is getting thumbs up... Okay.


@19 Not even remotely, what idiot assumes that the child is at fault? No by saying" you wouldn't want to be the father of that child" that's saying that:" you wouldn't want to be the father of a child created by your cheating girlfriend and your no longer(I hope) best friend.

  marinkidink13  |  12

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  hoosierholla  |  17

I agree, it definitely sounded like you were blaming the kid. It's not like we can hear your tone, some people just perceive things differently as they read. No need to freak out, now we know what you really meant!

  Mama4ddk  |  15

I think she meant just what she said. You don't want to be the father of that child. If you read only the post and then her (#3's) comment you can see that the reason is because of the horrible actions of two people that OP should've been able to trust more than almost anyone else. But if you are reading it down the line other peoples comments could have easily muddied peoples perception of the comment. That's why I always re-read and try to confirm the real context before I vote. Either way this situation for OP is disheartening and I feel for him completely. That is definitely a terrible way to find out that 1, you're not going to be a father 2, your so-called best friend is an ass clown and 3, your, hopefully, now ex-girlfriend is an untrustworthy bitch. Good luck OP.

By  cheeeksss  |  29

I just don't get it. Like how? HOW do the two closest people in your life (besides family) mutually agree to backstab you? Just...what the fuck. Your partner and best friend should be the last people to fuck you over. Why do I continue to see this? (Granted, I know I'm on FML but like seriously though...) people suck.
At least you don't have a child to tie you down, OP. Take this opportunity as a lesson. An ex girlfriend and ex best friend are replaceable.

  pedinhuh  |  23

There are people out there who can be vile like this and even worse than this, and they aren't hard to find either, that's why you have to be VERY select of who you pick to be your friends and girlfriend/boyfriend.

Nowadays people only care about theirselves...

  SomewhatNuts  |  19

Unfortunately it happens far too often. I've had it happen to me 6 times. Now it's a very small group of people I talk to and barely hang out with, and in 13 years I can get the ex out lol.

  lenehey  |  7

It was Michael Corleon in The Godfather who said that, although it is often attributed toSin Tsu who actually said something like "Know your enemy as you know yourself."

By  catherinecas  |  30

Did you suspect cheating in the first place? Because the way this FMLs worded the baby isn't born yet. So why would there be an amnio with specific paternal DNA being tested?

  catherinecas  |  30

@15, from the way this is worded it's definitive that the baby isn't his. It also sounds like the baby isn't born hence why I asked.

I wasn't trying to lay blame or anything I just wanted to know the sequence of events. Generally, amnio isn't done unless paternity is in question or there risks of genetic issues.