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Today, I had no choice but to bring my son to work as a med school professor. I sat him in a chair in a corner while I gave a lecture. To my surprise, he added another word to his limited vocabulary, and screamed it out loud with an ecstatic expression on his face. The word is "cancer". FML
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It could always be worse.

He could have said "AIDS" or "Vagina"


It could always be worse.

Bostern 29

Yeah, someone could have stolen your phone too.

Lol exactly

and ate your cake.

It could be lupus

It's never lupus!

perhaps this is the start of his future career as a star surgeon! All thanks to you :)

Absolutely right! My first word was "haemostasis".

ApollosMyth 22

My first word was "phone".... I guess I'm destined to be a telemarketer.

mine was "water". Maybe I will drown.

I think my first word was food. And I wonder why I love to eat.

DFresh503 8

I see an early oncologist. And, with the right writers, a Doogie Howser spinoff of a toddler cancer doctor. So don't fret, OP, just work with what you've got!

Mine was hot. A model maybe?

MerrikBarbarian 9

Mine was "kitty". Guess I'm doomed to being a crazy cat lady... And in light of my icon... That's quite ironic :p

my first words were 'always Coca-Cola' so I guess my future is at the Coca-Cola company

Mine was mom and my friend's was tit

or maybe you will work at a steel factory

He could have said "AIDS" or "Vagina"

In what way is ****** worse than cancer? Some people here clearly don't understand how bad cancer is if they think saying "******" is worse.

It's not worse, but for some reason vaginas are a more taboo topic than cancer in casual conversation. Humans are weird like that.

How so is a ****** taboo? Half the population has one! You don't die from having a ******. A baby laughing and screaming "******" is just funny, but when it happily screams a deadly decease... that's just bad.

I didn't say it made sense.

Because it doesn't? The only people who make human parts a taboo are you. I live in Belgium next to the Netherlands, they use cancer as a swear word so it has a negative sound everytime I hear it. But when you use your mind you should know it's not some cute word for kids to say.

Here in the states people get all weird and offended if you bring up vaginas in conversation. It's dumb. I agree that it shouldn't be taboo or stigmatized but, unfortunately here it is.

So it's really serious? Yeah that's kinda weird..

I blame the super religious people that lead this country. Especially the ones that say things like, "We don't have to worry about global warming, god is going to save his good Christians". Yes I'm being serious.

Religion is almost extinct here so.. Funny they think he'd save them, he killed us all twice (Noah's Ark and something else i can't remember right now) because he regretted making humans. Maybe you should tell them he is doing it again :D

So who would be the lucky family to go with him..

Skittle you're weird, youshould stop talking now... A kid saying ****** is def worse, imagine OP going to a nice restaurant and the kid yelling ******, ******...

I really don't understand how someone could say that. VAGINA IS A NATURAL BODYPART. Maybe if you had a close family member with cancer you would know better. Imagine a kid happily screaming cancer while someone in the restaurant lost somebody because of cancer or somebody there actually has it. How can that possibly be better? 'MURICA i guess.

I hate to add to this ridiculous conversation, but... I lost my nonna to dementia. I immediately started looking for ways to avoid that ever happening to me. When you've lost somebody to something, any mention of it just opens up another wound. I can't, for the life of me, think of how a kid screaming "******" is worse, in terms of insulting or hurting other people, than "cancer". Both would be embarassing. But I only know of one person who lost their life to "******", and that's because it had teeth. Like a Langolier. It's pretty scary.

Heaven121313 9

howd this go from ****** to religion o.o

saying ****** is inappropriate in public screaming ****** at the top of your lung will get you some weird looks

whoa dude dont insult God like that you basically called him a mass murderer

Your son sounds a little young to be a med school professor. Just sayin'

wingedangel123 8

I'm not sure if I read it right, but I think she's saying that she brought her son to work with her, because of "take your kid to work" day, something we have here in Canada for ninth graders.

meggieeee92 15

45- I think she brought her kid to work because she couldn't find a babysitter and she couldn't just leave him at home. I don't know where you got "take your kid to work" day from.

A ninth grader would scream the word "cancer" out in front of an entire medical school class? That's kind of immature for a 14 year old... I would assume that it was a child between the ages of 2-4 and the parent could not find adequate child care.

she said "i had no choice...

Audition him for a chance to join the metal band with the little girl and her brother from America's Got Talent xD

Just don't take him to the doctors any time soon.

At least you weren't giving a lecture on the anatomy of human genitalia.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

At least it wasnt Herpes.

Hey at least it wasn't a swear word.

Ins0mau 20

I dunno. I small child screaming out the word "cancer" with glee seems much more disturbing than a swear word. The. I may be biased as I've known plenty of people that have died from cancer.

Maybe but with a med professor father people will hopefully figure out where he heard it from.

i mean the child clearly doesn't know what he is talking about so people will forgive him

ghil15 8

well atleast you know hes learning...

You should have gagged him with a cloth.

Really? You were probably joking but really? That's the best you could do? I would tell you to put some effort in it next time, but it seems like you tried really hard but just don't understand...anything.

Please never reproduce.