By blah blah daddy - 02/10/2010 23:08 - United States

Today, I picked up my four year old son from daycare. As I was putting him in his car seat, I asked him if he had fun. He yelled, "Shut it, bitch!" FML
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something similar to this happened with my son, Pluto, he cursed at me. so i brought him so far away from our home for doing such things and hitting my wife, his mom. why do you think he's so cold and far away and has been downgraded by humans?


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haha :D sadly there's a lot of little toddlers this age with potty mouths. although it is hard to contain my laughter when I hear them curse sometimes 

beat the shit out of that little asshole

Why prolong the inevitable? ha just wanted to sound like every other asshole on here 

I agree with #2. This little shit is disrespecting you cause you let him. You need teach that punk some respect. Let fear be the teacher and vicious beatings the lesson.

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you are a phaggot. Adam lambert is a gay retard just like you.

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omg Thatguy moderated the comment! I say put the little dick up for adoption and try again. Maybe OP should try with pizza boy up there he looks like he could use a girlfriend

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wow 308, you're a real ******.

#2, haha. Agreed. :) OP, at least your child answered the question. He did not have fun. xD

Some kids have no respect. :P More seriously, OP, kids will learn words like that from sources you can't prevent, it's upto you to explain to them that they shouldn't use them.

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Pretty much this. You can (mostly) control what a child is exposed to in your own home, but once they're in school, interacting with other kids, they start learning things that you'd rather not have them know. I remember asking my mother what an ****** was on the way home from my kindergarten class, and she nearly crashed the car.

Once when I was a kid I was watching tv with my parents, and I asked them what genital herpes was after a commercial for herpes medication came on. HAH.


Cinn , your comments are always so intelligent , I hope to be more like you one day :)

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Spastastic, you are adorable & I want your bathing suit.

jinx -- it's a genuine vintage bathing suit. :)

Agreed. But that child needs to be introduced to the soap bar, if he keeps using that language. :P Though when I was little, my mom used dish soap. :/

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cinn, every comment I see of yours I ALWAYS agree on. you should be the popular ones on fml. not some stupid trolls.

#156 .... I really REALLY hope your not serious! :/

*sighs exasperatedly* ChampionKO, you didn't get very far with that last time. So don't try again. If you call other people ugly, you will get shouted at by someone, even if it's not who you called ugly. It's not cool. Also, thanks IIFoxII and Angela.

309 -- Why, exactly, do you "really REALLY hope" she's not serious? Would a difference of opinion regarding myself really be all that offensive to you? Also, you're*.

I wonder if he learned that from his teacher...

Lol I dont think four year olds go to school

LOL idk if anybody else just died laughing from this but I know I did .... sorry op

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I did. I think it's hilarious. & all y'all gettin on the kid so hard & what should b done, remember he picked it up from somewhere, & it prolly wasn't daycare. This is prolly somethin OP has said 2 the kid's mom.


Lol that's funny but I would B slap him