By poormom - 27/06/2009 04:05 - United States

Today, I told to my son that I'm pregnant. After I'd told him, he looked up and yelled, "Fuck this shit!" and walked out of the room. My son is nine years-old. FML
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Shock98 0

apparently he doesn't want you to have another kid.


What. This is something everyone comments on when a parent writes about their child cussing. FIRST OF ALL, do you think you're that perfect? Do you really think you may judge others on how they talk when their kids is around? Get your own kids first! It pisses me off how people try to judge others because they're not perfect. Secondly, what kind of parent are you/will you be if you never let your child leave your home to meet others? That on the other hand is something I'll gladly judge you for, because that's sick and unacceptable, a kid needs to meet other people to learn social mechanics. And what happens when you meet other people? You pick up their language. That was the dumbest comment of the day.

lolzforfun228 3

Me, my friends, and pretty much everybody i KNEW was swearing by that age. This isn't uncommon. It isn't like your son is the only one swearing at his age. Not an FML.

I'm sorry, but in my honest opinion, this is ******* disgraceful. It's all well and good if they want to swear around their peers, but no one should ever swear or cuss at an elder. It's simply a matter of RESPECT. What has our society degenerated into when 9 nine-year-old kids starts telling their parents to **** off. If my kid ever swore in front of me, he can surely expect some punishment. And to be fair, I make it a point not to swear in front of my kids as well. LEAD BY EXAMPLE. It's not simply trying to be perfect, if you want your kids to stop swearing, then stop swearing in front of them. How can you expect your child to not do something when you're doing it yourself? In the words of InfectedWithDrew, "learn to be a better parent". YDI

0.o my brothers 10 and you should hear his vocabulary. talks like a sailor, i find it sickening to listen to. but on the other hand, your kids funny "**** this shit" is like my favourite saying ever hahaha! and if your having a girl expect more of that it always sicks when you find out your not going to have a little sibling of the same sex. i would know im the only girl of 3 kids :(

I am 13 and when I was younger I used too.... my 7 year old cousin dose

Um, it's called Discipline. Teach your kids at the very least not to curse in front of elders, women, and children. If they're with friends, let them be, but cursing at one's parents is unacceptable.

While I agree with 83 for the most part, I feel bad for her kids. She's a feminist as you can tell. Basically it's ok to curse at men, since women are dainty pure creatures (oh sorry, it's disrespectful to say creatures, right? Ok, they're dainty pure superior human beings whom we should all prostrate to whenever we see them), and men are fat disgusting slobs who enjoy fighting and cursing, since they know nothing of how to act civilized. Amirite?

Sorry for having an opinion, But I started swearing with my friends and I never swore around my parents, but my friend swore because they did. Jeeez calm.

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#55. I think he was saying that because it is odd that a nine year old kid would know possibly the worst cuss word around. As for the actual FML, I would have smacked him hard enough so that he would learn not to say words like that. Teach him a lesson. A young boy at that age should not have the knowledge of that word nor should he be able to use that language in a respectable house. Unless the FML writer didn't bring this upon herself, I think it would be safe to say that she is responsible for how her kid acts and as of right now, he is acting like trash. So maybe it wasn't stupid of "cardboardtastes" to have that type of reaction. Because it could very well be her fault for her son knowing that type of language. Whether it be intentional or not, it is her responsibility because it is HER FUCKING CHILD.

jnic 0

#96, what the hell are you talking about? A feminist would be the OPPOSITE of all those things. Since when do feminists encourage gender stereotypes? Maybe the name is misleading, but feminism in its purest, ideal form is the belief in equality in treatment and rights for both sexes. You probably shouldn't label people with things that you don't even know the definition of.

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okay. this isn't really an fml . i started cussing when i was about seven. but yeah ; your kid is a little badass(:

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#55...He's nine for ***** sake. When I have kids I won't say **** in front of them, and I'm assuming I'll let them hang around people with the same standards.

anyone ever ******* think that the mom isn't to blame?!? maybe she doesn't swear in front of him at all you retards, maybe the dad is the one doing it. so don't bitch and moan at the OP when you don't know where the kid picked it up from. he could've heard it at school too, dipshits.

actualy, Tyson, your comment is the dumbest, aka to long, did not read

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I learned every cuss word at five. school isn't that innocent in some places. at my school in fourth grade I was the only one with both parents and was the only one without a parent in jail. most parents were drug addicts.

rfngxhhshi 0

hahahahaha... but really all these people saying "I swore when I was 7.." you people are the degenerate disgusting disrespectful retards that makes society as shitty as it is today. I swear, sure.. but not when I was 9, or never to my elders... it's not always the parent's fault, but discipline is necessary.

relley do you know when i learend that word when i was 6 yes ok i do admit that what he did was wrond if it was me i would just put on a smile and be mean to the baby afterword but still its its ok to learn that word at an erly age

ya kids only talk like tht when they hear it he probably picked up from you....or "someone" else

I'm happy for you that you're pregnant, but that nine-year-old of yours... FYL.

No no. It's not 'society's' fault her kid is a brat, it's HERS. Parents have full responsibility for raising their children. Even though they will inevitably come into contact with foul language etc. from other sources, if the OP had raised her kid right he shouldn't have had that reaction or used that kind of language to his mother. Also, the OP's son must have picked up the opinion that she shouldn't be pregnant again (that phrasing is just weird, how often is this lady pregnant??) from somewhere else, probably another family member or neighbor, in which case the OP probably should have thought twice before opening her legs (again).

jnic 0

WOW. He's nine years old, you know. And even if she tried to teach him not to swear, how many nine-year-olds do you know who listen to their parents 100% of the time? He's at school 6 hours a day, he's at an age where his parents are not the only people influencing his choices. That stops around age 4 or 5. I like how you take a nine-year-old kid so seriously that you think you can use his opinion to call his own mother, who we know nothing about, a *****. I guess all women who have multiple children are ****** now. Even if she's had a lot of children/pregnancies, some people have the means to care for large families, so it's their choice. How about the fact that he sounds like a little brat who is probably jealous of the fact that he'll get less attention with a new baby around, or annoyed that he's going to have a younger sibling bothering him all the time? If you had half a brain you'd realize how common this is...

safirestar09 0

It's not neccessarily her fault. You don't know whether he learned it at home or from friends. That had to have been the first time she'd heard him cuss, otherwise she wouldn't have been so upset. But he still deserves some sort of punishment. I mean, I'm 13 and I don't even cuss around my parents; they'd slap me into December.

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apparently he doesn't want you to have another kid.

Maybe this mom isn't even married? Maybe her son is tired of her getting knocked up by crackwhores? Just a thought.

Why does it matter if she's married or not? There are plenty of people in long term serious relationships with kids who aren't married. Most of them don't spend their free time getting 'knocked up by crack ******.'

I completly agree. My first thought about this post was NOT "oh that's a bad kid" or whatever. It was "this woman probably has like fifteen other kids, and she needs to close her legs" Maybe she doesn't, but why else would the kid be upset about her being pregnant. Unless she has tons of kids, why would he get mad? The only other reason would be he's going through a rebellious streak, but I think he's a little young. It has nothing to do with her parenting or his language education. It's that if this is the response someone has to her having more kids, then she shouldn't. People who have tons of kids are selfish and absoulutly insane. You don't think there's enough kids out there already? You want more kids? Adopt, for goodness sake. Most of the people who have tons of kids shouldn't be reproducing in the first place!

Lots of kids don't want siblings. It means less attention from their parents. Her son could easily be her only child. This was funny as hell, though. First FML in a while that made me laugh out loud.

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82 why would the person who tales care of their kid and wants more kids be selfish she isn't the one sending her kid to adoption places because she doesn't want to take care of them

safirestar09 0

Insane because they're having tons of kids? That's bull. There are plenty of families with, like, seven kids- my mother was the oldest daughter of seven kids. My father was the middle child of six kids. And even though I only have two other siblings I actually wouldn't mind and I certainly wouldn't say that sort of stuff to my mother.

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and people say kids don't learn from T.V. if you are really worried about it stop letting watch whatever comes on and be a better parent. or your next kid will be the same. just saying

not true. You shouldn't censor kids, so when they grow up, they know what things are and they won't grow up to be socially retarded.

How many kids do you have? This sounds exactly like what my cousin said when my aunt got pregnant with her seventh kid. Word for word. Nine year olds know a lot of words. They hear everything and can be pretty smart. They're not five year olds thinking naked is the worst word out there.

Maybe he meant it as a stunned realization. "Someone ****** THAT shit?"

I must say, that is clever of you. But I don't think that the OP will agree with me.

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haha I think that's amazazing! you got owned! FYL.