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  Zynris  |  10

My teachers used to do that, it never worked, the kid who did it would never own up, for fear of being hazed after making his whole class get punished.

  happle  |  21

My Spanish teacher constantly had stuff stolen from her, but never punished the entire class. Even when her phone, iPad, laptop, and even car were stolen. That's a terrible idea for a punishment.

  thatnucca  |  36

I wish you had a cop friend, so you can bring him and his partner in to fake an arrest citing that the phone had a tracking device installed in it. And if the culprit doesn't return it before the end of the day, they'd be pick him or her up. Final spin, they can't throw it away either because they already know who the culprit is, but just giving him or her a chance to do the right thing...


Actually, I don't know about kindergarten and 1st grade but I definitely think 2nd- and 3rd-graders should know better. My mom is a 3rd grade teacher and those little shits know exactly what they're doing when they steal stuff from other students or even her.