By gunnerdog - 27/08/2013 00:22 - United States - Galveston

Today, during one of my first days as a teacher, a student stole my phone. FML
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Infamous_Tora 12

Call it and tell them if they return it they won't get detention.

Welcome to highschool!


Infamous_Tora 12

Call it and tell them if they return it they won't get detention.

Students aren't that smart

Smart enough to steal the phone

#1 - not gonna get detention cuz you're gonna send them to the principle s office LOL

JocelynKaulitz 28

#9 Apparently you aren't either if you really think that.

Perhaps said phone does not have a sim card.

flashback.miss 28

Punish the class as a whole with maybe detention until the perpetrator comes clean.

My teachers used to do that, it never worked, the kid who did it would never own up, for fear of being hazed after making his whole class get punished.

flashback.miss 28


In your photo is it a leech on their eye or...

Or a totally innocent person would own up just to get the rest of the class out of an unfair punishment.

My Spanish teacher constantly had stuff stolen from her, but never punished the entire class. Even when her phone, iPad, laptop, and even car were stolen. That's a terrible idea for a punishment.

I hate when teachers punish the whole class. "Yeah, one kid took my phone, but I'll punish you all because **** you."

That's a terrible ******* idea. I hope you never become a teacher. Or anyone involved with working around kids..

flashback.miss 28

ok wait, how's this: but maybe if the perpetrator is able to anonymously return it and take a private punishment. maybe my first comment was rather poorly written.

154rct 7

Horrible idea

Welcome to highschool!

Do you know who it was?

Not just any student. THEIR student!

Yes. I know it's a student :) I just wanted to know if OP knew who it was specifically or perhaps have someone in mind ...

Probably not the last thing they'll steal either.

skullofdarkness 18

Right, next thing you know they'll steal your virginity...

Make it your duty to find out who stole it, and assign him 5x more work than the other students.

I wish you had a cop friend, so you can bring him and his partner in to fake an arrest citing that the phone had a tracking device installed in it. And if the culprit doesn't return it before the end of the day, they'd be pick him or her up. Final spin, they can't throw it away either because they already know who the culprit is, but just giving him or her a chance to do the right thing...

Hehe, really nice.

and then giving him or her one grade lower on everything. theifs deserve the worse. my adidas shoes were once stolen :(.

Well if the kid is in kindergarten - 3rd graders don't punish em too hard they're just kids. Any older and get the kid suspended. The student should know better.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Actually, I don't know about kindergarten and 1st grade but I definitely think 2nd- and 3rd-graders should know better. My mom is a 3rd grade teacher and those little ***** know exactly what they're doing when they steal stuff from other students or even her.

id be interested to see who and what they text off that phone, fyl op

I wonder what grade OP teaches.

Donnakar 20

Oh my gosh! What grade are the students you're teaching ?

At my school anyone will do that