By SetoAyumi - 15/11/2011 08:40 - United States

Today, a neighbor came by while I was cooking. She asked for some of my cheese, so I gave her a big slice and told her I only had cheddar. She angrily refused to accept the slice, and made her way to my fridge. She then yelled at me for not having an assortment of cheeses. FML
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I can't believe how selfish you are. Didn't your mother teach you to ALWAYS have an assortment of cheeses on hand for such occasions? Sheesh.

I can make a cheesy one liner about this, but I'd rather not...


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Cheezus khrist. Does she need to shout like that?

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Hey give 1 a break, I'm sure it ain't easy being chessy.

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Ungrateful bitch. Tell her to take her ass to the store.

Tell her to go f**k herself and she isn't welcome in you abode. Tell her to go back to her cheesy ass place

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I would have given her ass plenty of cheese DICK cheese!

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Ok mexicanguy39, I think you made your point in your last four replies, I had just gotten of work and rushed it a bit, so I messed up by one letter. Big ****** Woop that you caught that, here's your medal. *Starts Slow Clap*

Hey 78, are u the guy who works the graveyard shift and tried to pepper spray their boss through a window because they were wearing a scream mask?

78, callate la pinche voca.. And you had gotten "of" work? Don't you mean off? Whats your excuse this time? Your ass still doing the slow clap so you are typing with your feet??

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93 You mad bro? And again buey, I'm OFF by one letter. Oooh are you melting, ahh **** the poor the grammar nazi non-existent life, sorrrry if I don't reply right away I'm not on fml 24/7. I'd do have a life and btw I like to see how punk ass writes after being awake for more than 20 hrs.

97- The "I'd" and the "I" in the last sentence should be switched... ;P

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Dam it I missed *your, did your head explode mexican guy?

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98 lol, another would be gammar nazi, smh.

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*93 the number 1 was making a south park reference chill out.

You comments have so many grammar mistakes I can't even understand them. Did you drop out of elementary school or something?

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Apparently so do you. Don't you mean *your?

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I meant to say *93 the first comment was a south park reference. Does this make everyone happy now? Good gosh.

Haha good eye 105. I feel like I've made that mistake before :/

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It's okay it happens to everybody. It's the Internet. People make mistakes. I'm do I know that for sure.

I would of said get ur own cheese assortment

WTF moment...I can imagine this scene as a Japanese cheese commercial.

At least she didn't Swiss the channels in your tv!

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The ***!!! Where are all the the original replies that were here? Man this thread is truly pathetic in comparison.

No, 14, your sense of humor is just moldy.

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Why are neighbors always so freakin crazy?

Tell her to take her cheap ass to the store n get her own

I can make a cheesy one liner about this, but I'd rather not...

Can someone tell me if my comment (#5) is still there? I cant see it.

Why does OPs neighbor think she's allowed out of the kitchen?

My good sir, your on a roll… like cheese. I 'll just stop and leave all the jokes to you.

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I can't believe how selfish you are. Didn't your mother teach you to ALWAYS have an assortment of cheeses on hand for such occasions? Sheesh.

The last word, I see what you did there.

The last word, I see what you did there.

Brie is a staple in every household; or at least colby jack! Don't you know that?? Or the gouda one!

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What a crazy ass, do not let her in your house again.

I don't think the OP let her in. The OP probably made her wait outside while they got the cheese. Other then that if you see her again asking for something don't open the door.

*wait outside Stupid edit didn't work Edit: never mind my phone was being stupid.

Well by definition he didn't "let" her in to begin with. She just walked through the door.

Remind her that she's in a house, not her own personal grocery store.

I have a feeling you weren't into seinfeld

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This is a Gouda FML. The neighbor sounds like a real Muenster and I'm sure she was Bleu about the lack of cheese.

That doesn't make sense if you know how to pronounce Gouda :p. Nice try though

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I know that it's supposed to be pronounced "Howda", but it was too good to pass up.

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It sounds as if Arnold Gsottschneider was saying it

That's not a very gouda situation. You have to brie calm about these things. Why'd 'chedder in the door in the first place if she's a total munster?