By lingadoo - 07/12/2012 05:46 - Kuwait - Kuwait

Today, I thought I felt something itch my butt as I sat down on the toilet. Sure it was just my imagination, I did my business. When I was done I saw there were 4 cockroaches crawling under the seat. FML
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If I feel something on my butt I usually stand back up and look at it. Sure it could have been imagination but better safe than sorry..

Now we know that cockroaches can survive a nuclear war AND the smell of your ass.


If I feel something on my butt I usually stand back up and look at it. Sure it could have been imagination but better safe than sorry..

Standing up would only squish the roach between his cheeks!

Better to stop it at your cheeks then for it to keep crawling up!

18- If they were under the seat they probably would just be tickling the outside of his cheeks. I defiantly jump up and check under the seat if I feel anything like that! All because I read an article once about a spider in China (I think) that was hiding under the seat of a potty on an airplane, biting & killing random passengers! It was some rare poisonous spider from the jungle or something. Scary stuff!

33- i read the same article too. PS it was in Siuth Korea.

Thanks a lot… now I'm always gonna think I have cockroaches

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33 look at snoops it was not a true story

Idk If that spider story is true or not but I had a spider in my toilet the size of a dime with thick tan legs. I didn't realize it was in the bowl looking up at me until after I got up. It scared the crap out of me so be warned op always look in the toilet before sitting down.

Go on YouTube look up spider + toilet. Guarantee you will examine every inch before you do your business. (I was watching normal stuff but go to the weird side of YouTube)

I read this fml while i was on the toilet. Scared shitless.

You made me and the rest of the FML community paranoid now. :D

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How many people were in the toilet while reading this FML and automatically checked their toilet? I know I did :/ lol

Oh so nooooow women will check before they sit but you couldn't do it before when telling men to always leave the seat down?!

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Especially if it was a public bathroom, who knows what lives in them.

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Pfft, they are coach roaches, little ******* survive everything!

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My shit brings all the cockroach to the yard And they are like.. I'm gonna inch your butt Damn right, gonna inch your butt

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And they were like shut the hell up now and get down voted.

Yes! I think this is up there on my list of 10 top worst nightmares that could possibly happen. Gag, yuck, eek, ewww, gross, nasty, and any other word that you emphasize the severity of the situation!

This is why I always lift the seat to check, no matter where I am. I've seen horrible things. . Horrible. . things.

Have you lifted the seat and seen a dead kitten? That's horrible.

Part of me greatly wishes to know what they've seen.

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I see four things wrong with that.

8- Is having cockroaches crawl under your toilet seat a normal thing for you?

8- where there's one, there's a thousand.

8, I don't know about you but I sure as hell do not want any cockroaches near my ass.

Now we know that cockroaches can survive a nuclear war AND the smell of your ass.

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I'm just going to take a random guess at this because I could be wrong. Nuclear war, they'll be one of the few thing left in a month to reproduce and take over the world.

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But they'd die of from lack of a food source,

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No. They'd eventually just eat each other. They will find a way. They will find a way to survive!

Might wanna check your asshole to see if any if them got in there too...

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I'm leaning on ydi for letting your place get nasty enough to be cockroach infested like that

Airman1988 9

Unless it wasn't your own toilet of course

Actually, that may not have anything to do with it. Cockroaches are usually found in filthy places but they can also be found in "clean" places. I went to Florida and there were a ton of flying cockroaches but it wasn't because I was in a filthy place. People can't always control some cockroaches that crawl into their house.

I agree with 42. The school I attend is the newest in my district, being only eight years old, and we have an entire hallway that has a roach infestation, despite how clean it really is.

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That's why I said leaning towards ydi, I still think more often then not cockroaches are a result of a dirty environment. I don't know of any study that compares the percent of non dirty human inhabitated cockroach environments to dirty ones though.

Some materials used to build some dwellings, like the glue of trailers, attract them. And the flying roaches in fl, aka palmetto bugs are just about everywhere here. Not much you can do at least they don't breed and infest like the other kinds. I usually find one or two a year in my garage. I freak out and threaten to sell the place every time. I'm fine with them as long as they stay outside.

Roaches are attracted to food, not dirt.