By nina - 11/08/2010 16:04 - Luxembourg

Today, I was talking to a friend about this stranger I kissed a few nights ago while drinking. I commented that I was ashamed of doing so, and to make matters worse, the guy was really unattractive. It turns out he was no stranger. I'd kissed my friend. FML
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This doesn't make sense at all. So you were talking about how you were so ashamed you kissed a stranger a few night ago and you were so drunk and blahblah and this friend didn't interrupt you? Didn't tell you it was actually him? Furthermore you cannot forget you kissed your friend, but remember he was ugly but still not recognizable as your friend. I don't get it, were you both still/again ******* drunk while having this conversation? It's the only way it makes sense.


He looked unattractive even after you were drunk? He really must be something to consider for horror movies.

kurli, i think you need legonut to explain it to you.

@14: It's funny because you kissed your friend and told him he was unattractive. I bet that kiss was nice and moist.

it's funny because you made out with your friend I bet that kiss was nice and moist

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sounds like you had a good time(:

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Yea no we understood the post lol no need for a recap

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ydi for having unattractve friends

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hahaha, this has been a drunken moment, after all, alcohol makes jackasses out of everyone!

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nah, we don't have thumbs so we can't pick up a beer

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63, you have a thumb in your picture.

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i'm talking about real weasels, not cartoon weasels

I'm pretty sure no matter how drunk I get, I still recognize my friends. what a ****** idiot... and a *****

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Oooh burn! haha. He actually doesn't, Robert is pale and disgusting. Hhmmmm now I'll wait for the twat-hards to comment.

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73, I'm a twilight fan and I find Robert Pattison to be extremely disgusting.

why is she a *****? i mean when i guy makes out with a chick its okay but the girl he makes out with is a *****? **** off seriously

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#77 kudos =] bet you read the books before you saw the movies

I hate Twilight, but Robert Pattinson isn't so bad. He's pretty in 'Remember Me'. And he's just generally a funny guy.

I read twilight before the movies were even out and I hated them then. The crappy actors just made it soooo much worse. And yes R.Patts. is disgusting. The ONLY positive thing about the movies is Taylor Lautner's body. Yum.

Yikes. My thoughts exactly! OP must have been pretty wasted to not remember that it was her friend she kissed and not a stranger.

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Eh, she was probably a lightweight. :P

I'm a lightweight too, but I've never been in OP's situation before! :P (No, really. 3 shots and I'm done for.)

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I guess you're right. Op just must be one of those drunks that do randomly weird things like this. Still, three shots? Come onnnn. :p

#25 Yup, some drunks are just prone to doing strange things! :P 3 shots doesn't get me wasted or anything (I hate the feeling of being that far gone), but it does get me drunk! I hardly ever drink, so that's probably why... #28 Hmm, I guess that's true! Right on.

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everyone hates the far-gone feeling. it's the buzzed feeling that wins

I can do better than 3shots, 1 can of bulmers bt in my defence I hadn't ate sence the dinner the day before, and I was only an hour outa the bed.

Yeah... a pint gets me pretty wobbly crying about stupid things etc... that's why I don't drink

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mercy, what the faaackk are you talking about?


awsomeness1 you're cat looks like he could be the avatars cat he has a cute arrow on his head

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61- Bullshit and it's a ******* flying lemur oh some shit like that


I know lol I know what it is sorry you didn't get it I said it could be not that it is and all the animals in the show are two animals together lol so you fail on understanding what I was trying to say


I love that show!!! plus "momo" doesn't have an arrow they found him and named him after a peach only apa is his original avatar pet. gosh!!

YDI for kissing random strangers. YDI for kissing anyone. YDI for drinking anything, ESPECIALLY water. Does your foot taste good? As long as you have it in your mouth, savor it a bit.

Lmfao. I'm glad I don't drink myself. Don't know how it affects me, but I'd hope I wouldn't do that.

You can't drink yourself. Are you a glass of water?!

Optimist says "half full". Pessimist says "half empty". Engineer says "the glass is twice as big as necessary".

Or we can fill it for $20. Like building an amp that goes to 12 for $2000.

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This wouldn't happen to be the same friend you were telling this to, would it?

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godam girl. awesome hair, beautiful eyes, bad ass look, u got it all :]

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That's what you get for kissing stranger. that's just sick and wrong.