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Haha that's sucky At least you got some exercise?

Oh STFU Seventeen flights of stairs could rough even on the smallest and most athletic. Why are you guys such Cunts on this site? I remember when it used to be fun to read these FMLs and the comments...


Haha that's sucky At least you got some exercise?

Exactly. YDI for being out of shape. It's nature telling you to get more exercise and get healthier to make those 17 flights easier if that ever happened again.

Oh STFU Seventeen flights of stairs could rough even on the smallest and most athletic. Why are you guys such Cunts on this site? I remember when it used to be fun to read these FMLs and the comments...

Maybe, just maybe, she was in shape and the 17 flights of stairs just got a tad bit tiring. AND, to make it even worse, she had to go down 17 flights again to get her keys and then up 17 flights again. God, you people don't think.

Yeah, that's true. I remember running up 8 flights of a building once because it's supposed to give you a good workout. But damn, 17 must have been hell.

don't cry because of a little exercise. on my vacation i stayed on the 24th floor. i almost always took the stairs just for fun and exercise. its not that bad better get in shape

Well at least you got some exercise.

you wrote the exact same thing as #1.

Awwww, poor you for having to get some excersice. Please, thats not even an FML.

Hm, okay, moron. Let's not pretend like you'd like walking 61 flights of stairs, okay? So really, stfu. FML's aren't supposed to be, "My mother died today. FML." They're supposed to be stupid, funny, little things that just scream bad luck and misfortune. God, give it a rest .

i dont know if you know anything about the philippines or filipinos....but normally we arent coming home without groceries, so she probably had groceries to carry up the stairs...and its humid as hell there, so why dont you guys really think before you talk...

Ehh, #40, just saying, it's 51 flights of stairs. And it's only tiring walking UP the stairs so its 34. Not saying that wouldn't be tiring or anything, cause it fucking hell would be.

Where did you put your keys exactly, so that you left them downstairs? This is an apartment building...

i know!!!... doesn't make any sense to leave your keys, if it's an apartment building he must have used a key to enter the building, why would he have put it down when he knew he was going to his front door... i call BS

there arent doors like that at appartments there really, once again...think about where they are...3rd world country...most people are poor and dont have much... (im half filipino, and my parents have a house over there so i know what it is like there).

true i suppose, but that also backs up my BS point, why would he/she have taken them out and placed them down if he/she didn't need to unlock a door.. this fml just doesn't make any sense

I think it's because their keys are at the front desk or something. Wouldn't know why, but there are apartments that have those (where tenants leave their keys there). Or maybe it's a spare, since he/she lost his/hers.

Unless you're disabled or have some other underlying health problems, this is not an FML, it's just ironic. God forbid people move around a little bit and get something resembling some sort of excercise. Actually, FYL for even thinking this is an FML.

well you dumbasses climbing up 17 flights three times isnt very fun even athletes would find that horrible being that i am one god stop being such asses

Agreed it's not fun and would be tiring. But it's not an FML. It's exercise.

Someone's salty as fuck

Don't complain. It's good for you.

Keep your keys in your pocket / purse. I'm not saying anything about your personal life there, but maybe you should try a different kind of life style that fits you. Come out of the closet bud.

at least it didn't come back on after you climbed the stairs a second time. that would be a true FML

it did "After the painful climb back up, the elevator lights came on."

Wow, this is an FML. It's 17 flights of stairs, three times. I don't think anybody would be happy after that.

thats what i was going to say to her it was a fml so give her a break

People let's think about this...OP climbed up 17 flights then back down and then back up...essentially walking up 34 flights of stairs. How many of you have ever done that? I'm in good shape (live and work in San Francisco, everyone walks everywhere there) and I'm a little tired after anything more than 10 flights.

i think you mean 51 flights of stairs (going up twice and down once)

Well yeah but down is way easier than up so I only counted the 2 times going up...