By milkybear - United States
Today, I went to a party where I met an amazing guy. After having great conversation all night and what I thought was a serious connection, I leaned in to kiss him. He screamed, forcefully pushed my face away with his hand, and said he was gay. FML
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  Stevefett  |  0

Her gaydar has a few screws loose. Maybe she should go smoke a fag while enjoying an ice cold cup of homo- genized milk. There is something queer about this FML. Well enough witty banter, time for some Skittles. I want to taste the rainbow. I know, I know I'm being gay. Sorry.

  moriarti_fml  |  0

30- for the record, I happen to be a nice caring guy who doesn't wear pink AE or hollister shirts and have a baseball hat tilted at an angle (there, the definition of a douche). and I'm not gay. but I am bi!

  gildedmuse  |  0

Just as a note, us ugly feminist sluts would not complain about how every good man is gay. We'd be much more concerned about other people labeling women sluts at the slightest sign that she isn't a virgin who has been made to fear her own sexuality. Oh, and then we'd probably just bitch about the way that people stereotype gay men as being overly feminine, as if all gay men acted the same or as if there was something inherently wrong with being considered "feminine". Yeah, I think we'd probably get angry about that. God, we're such bitches sometimes.


1-sometimes it's not obvious when guys are gay...I mean it is when he's like checking out other guys or commenting on some guys hotness or telling girls they have cute shoes or something but not all gay guys have a voice like perez hilton and not all of them look at guys all the time and some just make conversation with you and you'd be none the wiser about their yeah you can't always tell gay guys from straight guys.

  sloppyflow  |  1

see the thing is not all gay guy act gay. a friend of mine came out to us as gay and we are all VERY MUCH surprised. sometimes gay people acts more str8 than str8 dude