By Anonymous - 16/02/2011 17:03 - United Kingdom

Today, I had my boyfriend come over for dinner for the first time. It was all going well until my dad started explaining to my boyfriend how to use toilet paper. He even demonstrated it. FML
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I know right! It's not as if they are American, her dad should have an IQ above 50... Oh look, i can do stereotypes too!

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How is this bad. Don't you want your boyfriend to know this?

Umm, hopefully he would already know how to use toilet paper... That's kindof a required life skill dontcha think?

such a long conversation about poop. isn't there an expert who can resolve the mystery?

Super Mario , you know , with being a plumber and all , and dealing with shit everyday ....

..why? : Did your boyfriend make such a retarded impression that your dad thought he wouldn't know how to perform such a basic action?

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Either the boyfriend is a retard or the dad is.

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Your dad could probably smell that your boyfriend doesn't know how to (or doesn't care to) wipe himself properly. YDI for having anosmia and a penchant for unclean men.

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Um, isn't that a problem just for women based on the location of "plumbing"? I don't think the boyfriend has to worry about that. I could be wrong... FYI, I'm not saying men don't get UTIs. I'm just saying it's not from how they wipe.

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Haha, why would your Dad think that your boyfriend didn't know how to use it? That must have made the situation pretty awkward.